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  1. Not really since the beginning. It's just Geneforge and Avadon that have had this system. I can't really think of any equivalent manage-this-non-renewable-resource-in-order-to-access-stuff mechanic in Exile, Nethergate, or Avernum.
  2. Yeah, this has been the case since at least Nethergate: Resurrection. I don't think it's one check per percentage point of blocking, though. I think it's one check per potential point of damage. I don't know that we know for 100% sure that is how the mechanic works but somebody did some testing once (Lilith maybe?) and IIRC that was the best fit.
  3. The forum ranks have been updated to feature Mutagen's creations. Enjoy! Or, cower in terror as appropriate. No Living Tools were harmed in the production of these new names. Thanks to Edgwyn for pointing out that the postcount requirements were a bit outdated -- these have been updated as well. This should be a particular treat for newer users.
  4. I thought the time-based autosave has been in previous games too. Did I make that up?
  5. Just to clarify -- Customize Keyboard doesn't work with any regular keyboard keys, either?
  6. Steam Support probably won't do much. Email Spiderweb directly. They can either fix it or, if it's out of their control, get a more meaningful response from Steam. Also, for the love of god, use a real antivirus and not Windows Defender.
  7. alhoon, please calm down. This is a super, super common thing that seems to happen with Steam versions of numerous games. It does not mean there is actually a Trojan, just that the Steam wrapper seems to look a lot like one.
  8. I believe if you order direct from SW, you get the Steam key in addition to a direct download (via Humble Hundle?). Someone else can confirm.
  9. This happens so frequently on Steam. Which I kinda get, except that it frequently seems to afflict the Steam version of a game, and not the non-Steam version. This is so unfortunate.
  10. Mental Magic doesn't buff hit rate anymore? Does this mean Mental Magic is basically useless in late-game / higher-difficulty-sertting scenarios?
  11. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling? That solves a lot of Steam glitches.
  12. Be aware -- those edits will likely apply to many other creatures in the game as well; some of the PC definitions are imported for many NPCs and enemies.
  13. Be aware that many definitions inherit from other definitions, both explicitly (i.e., called-out in text) and implicitly (from the previous definition). So changing one creature definition may change it for certain others as well.
  14. So, just for clarity, there are three different things that are getting confused here. 1) Underneath the picture, it says "Member" or "Global Moderator" or "Administrator". This is just a role. It is not a title, and never overlaps with or replaces titles. 2) Underneath your current username, it says "Citizen" or "Shadowwalker" or other things. This is a postcount-based title. This is what everyone, including mods and admins, have by default. 3) Some people have a custom title that displays instead of their postcount-based title. Currently,
  15. Is it actually standard practice for Humble Bundle to send an email with instructions for phone number verification? That's a little circuitous. Wouldn't it just send a text message to do that? Also, constructive suggestion: you can also buy the game from Steam or I think GOG, and maybe other vendors too. You don't have to stick with Humble Bundle if they aren't working for you.
  16. It would be helpful if you could give some more specific information. 1. What game are you trying to buy? 2. What is the URL of the page where you are trying to buy it? 3. What are you using to pay -- credit card, etc.? 4. Who did you submit a customer service ticket to? (Humble Bundle?) 5. Have you actually emailed the Spiderweb customer service email? Since you are complaining about Spiderweb.
  17. These stores -- Humble Bundle, Steam, etc. -- are not run by Spiderweb. Also, how are you trying to buy it? That email sounds like they may be stuck on some kind of verification step. If you haven't yet bought it, you can do so through the Spiderweb website, which may be more flexible: http://www.spiderwebsoftware.com/geneforge/index.html
  18. There did... I wonder where that went? Well, I went and peeked behind the screen... There are about 110 users with 1000 or more posts. Anyway, I agree with you and think that's a good idea, though I might describe things a bit more optimistically. Once upon a time, the really high titles were a bit of a joke -- every time Alorael came close to achieving one, the admin at the time would shift it to a higher requirement.
  19. RedBeard -- a few points for your list. 1 - Individual accounts can have custom titles that replace the regular title, but there are no special titles for Moderators specifically (or any other group). 2 - Cartographer is just a custom title that several people happen to have, but I don't think it's been used in a while, even though people still make maps. It's not anything official. 3 - Heart of Avadon is a regular postcount title, reached at 4000 posts. It does not mean someone is a mod. 4 - The regular postcount titles will all be changing shortly, so don't get t
  20. The container bug was definitely around when A4 came out -- so 15 years now (!). It may also have been a thing in G3 or earlier, I'm not sure.
  21. I can't believe the container bug is still. with. us. omg. Jeff must be so frustrated.
  22. Definitely. Alhoon, can I suggest you make a new topic with that info? I know this is a very innocuous edit, but please also include an emphatic warning to (1) backup your files first, and (2) "Game data files/scripts and saved games that have been edited, using cheat codes or not, are unsupported. Spiderweb Software cannot properly support game files that have been edited in ways we can't examine or control. " (This is Spiderweb's request to go on pages where mods/edits are distributed.)
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