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  1. For anyone else reading, the download links on Spiderweb's website work just fine. ADoS, since you aren't hosting the original versions of the games, but rather versions that you have applied changes to, I would suggest (1) state specifically what the changes are in the readmes ("a particular bug fix applied directly to the original application" is an impressively long description given that you have avoided saying what the fix actually was ) (2) make it clear in the download link itself that these are modified versions of the original software.
  2. One more question: what other applications (if any) did you have running at the same time as Geneforge?
  3. is it specifically having 2 turns in one round, or just the total damage output between those turns? presumably if they had 1 turn but hit twice as hard, they would be just as bad?
  4. Does which sect you've joined actually affect the endings, this time around? (It didn't in G1, though what you did with Trajkov, Goettsch, and the Geneforge certainly did.)
  5. For my money: A:EFTP > A1 > E1 E2 > A2 > A2:CS E3 > A3:RW > A3
  6. I mean, alhoon is also the guy who wanted endless public discussion of G2-G5 with no spoilers for G1, a game released 15+ years earlier, and which for years he refused to play. I guess what I'm trying to say is he is very good at mental gymnastics when he has decided how he wants to approach something 🙂
  7. What difficulty level are you playing on? In past games, difficulty level raised base stats (Str, Dex, etc) directly, by a set multiplier. That may be the case here as well.
  8. Considering that you can play as a Servile in G4 and G5, that would raise some storyline issues.
  9. That is a truly great portrait, SMoE. Welcome back!
  10. You can't try to play an agent like a shaper. I mean, you can, but if you do that on a high difficulty, you're going to have a lot of trouble.
  11. So, basically, "mash attack button." I mean, I do that sometimes too, it's fun but maybe not very good for assessing which areas are truly too hard to deal with.
  12. Oof, fair enough on the Daze misses! If Daze is truly missing numerous enemies 3 or 4 times in a row, because your hit chance is low enough that that's a normal outcome -- sounds like you're punching above your weight. Geneforge gives you a lot of flexibility in what order you go through areas in, but the enemies aren't equally tough in all areas. On Normal you might not have to worry so much about the enemies getting harder. On Torment, extremely low hit chance may be a sign that you should come back later, when you're stronger. Either higher levels, for hit chance, or better
  13. Yeah. The other way out is to not get surrounded by enemies in the first place. It's almost always possible to avoid this. The game does present Agents as needing to be more tactical, and less charge-in-guns-drawn, than Shapers can afford to be. These kinds of tactics are crucial on Torment. Whether it means changing your geographic approach, approaching slowly, sending weak sacrificial creations ahead as cannon fodder, or simply beginning your crowd control before the crowd coalesces... there are options. The leaping definitely makes those options less t
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