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  1. Not surprising. ATI Rage was around the time when OpenGL was first becoming available. Earliest models lacked it altogether with later models only barely supporting it. Biggest problem is that, until "DirectX 10" cards came out, there was no guarantee you would have all the features for the version of OpenGL your card was made for. You could, and typically would, end up with a card with virtually no support for anything and just barely enough 3D acceleration to call itself 3D. Unfortunately, as is typical with any all-in-one computer, any upgrade options available simply aren't going to u
  2. At the upper right from the topic menu should be a combo box that reads something like "Show topics from last X days". Change that to a higher number. You can also set your default viewing options under your profile settings.
  3. Quote: Exile games didn't have the animations. Meh. Since the topic is started again for the short ten minutes it'll stay open... I could've sworn the original games had animations. Or at least the 3rd game.
  4. This will probably be shot down, but if 3D graphics were used it would be easier to add effects like different armor colors (or textures). It would also make adding attacks easier since you wouldn't have to draw each position the character could potentially be in - you'd just rotate the model. This might not sound like much of an advantage until you consider that games using Geneforge's engine have around 16 positions along with around eight or so frames per position. That's 128 individual graphics cells that have to be drawn. Even if you drew in such a way that you could copy and paste whole
  5. So what features were dropped? Or are you on an NDA and can't say without being stabbed repeatedly?
  6. Quote: Originally written by Jawaj: and it would increase download size a lot. Not if he used the Amiga module formats that older DOS (and Amiga) games used. Jazz Jackrabbit for example has 32 music files for only 3MB of space.
  7. How about instead of music, Jeff makes the game use surround sound effects! Wouldn't it be fun to hear your party getting hit by a fireball from behind?
  8. Quote: Originally written by Rinoa Heartily: I got cursed, went to the bazaar got a quest to get a dragon scale.. err am i supposed to do this early? I don't see anyway around it, since i am cursed, i am weaker (that's what the quest says) I don't see what the curse actually does to you unless it happens after a period of time has passed. Only once did it seem to do anything and in that instance it merely made me get hit by a monster when I normally wouldn't have. Or maybe I missed. Something like that.
  9. Quote: Originally written by Dintiradan: Methinks this wasn't changed, and the Mac testers didn't pick up on it. And who would? I only briefly glance over portal dialogs - if they're short they aren't important enough to read closely. I just enter or ignore.
  10. Under Windows, I go into the directory Geneforge is in, double-click Data, then the save directory I want to delete and remove everything except the "temp" file. Works great.
  11. CDs are nice but they scratch so easily. I'd readily pay more if he were to say switch to TDK Scratchproof DVDs.
  12. Quote: Originally written by PGLB: Cool. One question - will it be on CD like the original or the registration code like the other games? Why? Thinking of keygen'ing it? I suspect the original use of a CD was since the vast majority of people at the time were lacking high speed internet.
  13. Heh. Speaking of price - I just checked the order page and the original Nethergate was $30 new. Seems a bit odd that Jeff is selling the remake to new comers for only $25.
  14. Quote: Originally written by Bored flak: I just checked A1 and A2, they both are sparing in their use of resources. G2 hogs the resources, and G3 crashed while I was checking, but it was around 96%. Think of it this way. How much does the Avernum engine update in the background when you aren't moving? And how much does the Geneforge engine? Also take into considering that the mouse is software-based meaning everytime you move it, the screen has to do a complete redraw. Redrawing isn't a quick and low-resource application when you have so much on the screen. Edit: The above is taking into
  15. Actually I was just the opposite. I managed to get used to the interface by the time I was halfway through the goblin lairs. When around the Motrax caves it warned me about the shareware barrier was close and I just went ahead and purchased at that point. I think I had only been playing for about four or so hours. I personally love the new engine with everything being more or less on the same map. No more listening to stupid fanfare when I enter a city for example.
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