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  1. I've never registered the Avernums, but as far as I know, Doston is never mentioned through out the Exile trilogy. If you're trying to compile only Vogel-created matter, don't include Doston.
  2. Quote: Originally written by Drakefyre: What typo? It's Pralgrad. Hi, sorry to barge in, but: *ahem* "THE LANDS OF THE EMPIRE" The Empire, blessed power over us all, controls the four known continents. Aizo [NB: not Aixo], the oldest, is the birthplace of the Empire although the ruling seat is now on the continent of Pralgad [NB: na na na boo boo!]. Vantanas is the smallest continent, but in many ways the richest, with its hot climate, fascinating fauna, and rich stores of gold and diamonds. And finally, there is the recently settled Valorim, which has a wild (though controlled) spi
  3. Quote: Originally written by Scipio: Perhaps at one stage it was a golden kingdom of fluffy bunnies [/QB] Have you, by any chance, read The Story About the Baby (now in its toddler stages), by Jeff Vogel? Have you read about his ideas for children's books?
  4. Hey - just make a fanfic.
  5. You think this is likely to happen sometime soon?
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