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  1. Ah I see, that helps it make a bit more sense if the stats are leveling them up causing everything to increase It still seems a bit odd though. Let's take Thads for example, increasing strength by 1 increases the damage of their Thad punch by the same amount as increasing endurance by 1 - but strength is supposed to increase physical damage by 5% in addition to leveling up the Thad - so strength should be increasing the damage by more than endurance even if endurance is leveling up the Thad, right? This odd behaviour around damage and stats seems to be there for all creation types I'm guessing the blessings improve when you increase their level even if the tooltip when you mouse over on the character buff icon is stuck saying 10%?
  2. 1) So when making creations upgrading strength, magical skill or endurance all increase the creation's active ability damage by the same amount which is really odd because those upgrades are supposed to do different things 2) When using spells like bless and protection, when I hover over the buff on myself or my creation it says I only have a 10% bonus, but when casting the spell it's saying I should be getting 40%+ 3) I also found an item that says it increases creations intelligence - but creations don't even have intelligence as a stat? I'm using version 1.0.2b
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