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  1. I have nothing further to add except that, as a massive Exile/Avernum fan since the 90s, it warms my heart to see this level of geekery alive and well in 2021. Godspeed, you beautiful creatures
  2. Yeeeeah so, realised I've fully wrecked my run. I hit level 36 without putting any points into tool use. Now there are a lot of dungeons I can't complete (Tiger's Den being the straw that just broke the camel's back) and I'm torn as to whether to start over, uninstall, or use the editor to cheat myself up to 10 tool use? Common sense suggests it's ridiculous that this cavelord badass who can fry Hakaai and take on whole Imperial platoons by himself would get stumped by a wooden door, but them's the mechanics right? 🤣 I don't mind losing out on loot or the odd level 3 spell, but walling off entire dungeons seems excessive
  3. Worth noting that if you visit Gnass in A2, the smith there mentions that younger or less experienced warriors use single-pronged spears before progressing to the Slith variant. He also mentions that some of the beefier warriors have taken to using human halberds and that there is "no dishonour" in that. Basically, Sliths care way less about what spears they use than y'all 🤣
  4. Thanks man! 😁 Part of me wishes there was a Wiki for these games but that's part of being the best-kept secret in indie RPGs I guess. Also, while I'm posting: I can finish as a singleton without putting any points in tool use, right? Like, that doesn't completely block off anything I need to get in order to progress?
  5. I kinda feel like it's tough to call. No ideas come completely out of nowhere and the Vahnatai have some (some) elements which might fit with an 80s pop culture understanding of Japan; funny-shaped swords and ancestor worship which has some (some!) similarities with Shinto. But they're also underground magical Roswell aliens who live forever in/as crystals and hibernate like bears. None of those traits are particularly Japanese. The departure from elf/dwarf/orc is what makes the Avernum setting such great fantasy, but you could still pull the Nephils apart like 'they're elves with fur.' Everything has influences.
  6. Finally got around to a singleton run on the new trilogy, settled on A2 since E2:CS was my first taste of Spiderweb back in the 90s. Where can I find the mercuric chain or plate and the quicksilver sandals in this game? Obviously these items are non-negotiable for solo runs. What will I need in terms of dispel barrier/tool use/etc to get them? Otherwise things are looking great. I'm just about to hit level 35 and start picking up the Crystal Souls to advance the main quest, will update as and when. BIG thanks in advance for any help
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