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  1. Fusion is 12.1.2. The bare-metal support isn't going to work, because it is for virtualized macOS 11 (Big Sur) VMs. Avernum 6 is definitely not supported in that (BigSur) OS. My Avernum 4-5-6 disc is Mac only, which is why I have been trying to get a Mac VM up and running that can support 6. As a test, I fired up a Win10 VM and the demo version of Avernum 6 seems to work A-OK there.
  2. I have been creating vms under VMware fusion. I am making Mac VMs, not Windows ones.
  3. I have been able to create VMs on a Mac running macOS 11 (Big Sur) of older Mac OSes to run Avernum 4 and 5. They run perfectly fine. Avernum 6 does not work in any of the OSes or VM settings I have tried. It looks like there is a graphics card or full-screen issue with the game window. Has anyone been able to get this to successfully work?
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