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  1. Ok I tried deleting and reloading the game . Didn't work . I've noticed I'm able to save and overwrite in other save slots . The first save slot , Quick save and Autosave slots are all giving me those error messages when I try to overwrite them . However , the mystery is I can load the game from either of those spots so this makes absolutely no sense. The only change to my computer in the last week was a nvidia graphics driver update. Also when i quit the game from the Title screen so, no save necessary it gives me the " Couldn't write preference file " error message before exiting.
  2. To answer , Yes I reloaded ,restarted went to another zone and prayed to gods of video games and whiskey . It did not help. And I bought the game from GOG. Well, the whiskey helped a little .
  3. I am in the middle of a playthrough , enjoying it thoroughly by the way, took about a week off , came back to the game and i cant save . I get a message that reads " Save Error: Couldn't open the header file." When I quit it reads " Couldn't write preferences file." If some one could please help me as I am in the middle of play through I am really enjoying , I would be very grateful. And before any one asks yes I did verify and repair already.
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