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  1. "You must slay a Golem and take its body to ..." It refers to the normal, brown type, not those that belong to the golem quest.
  2. Thanks, unfortunately special golems don't work. I thought they would be fine, this is why I took the quest, and since that all my saved games are overwritten.
  3. I accidentally took a Work For Hire quest to deliver a Golem I have no idea where to find. Is there any hack to delete this quest, or spawn a Golem somehow? Or do you know some locations where they can always be found?
  4. I'm puzzled about the bones in Fading Tower. Does it actually provide its bonus or is that a bug?
  5. One more fun fact that's probably not obvious: in the middle of the word "zs" is to be pronounced as the first letter in Jean-Paul Belmondo or Jacques Chirac.
  6. I had a not very likeable schoolmate named Krizsán in primary school, the name in the games constantly reminds me of him. Some name etymology if anyone interested: There is a river in south-east Hungary named Körös. Neighbouring Romanians adapted its name as Cris. Crisan in Romanian means "of the River Cris/Körös", also used as a family name. When people with the name Crisan moved from Romania to Hungary, their name turned to Krizsán as a straight phonetic transcript. Finally the accent from á turned unnecessary in the USA, obviously.
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