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  1. So I can go to harder areas without having to worry about getting less XP overall? Cool.
  2. While I am aware things give you less experience as you level up, I am curious if you also get a proportional amount of bonus experience from going to later game areas early and fighting the stronger enemies there. The reason this is bothering me is I would like to explore some of the later areas early to get stuff but I am afraid I will end up loosing out on experience and become under leveled in the long run.
  3. Battles are still mediocre on their own, but work amazingly when with used with other creations, since they draw fire and can take hits. good at dealing with pylons, too. Also, thad suicide bombing is a surprisingly useful tactic when dealing with shoali
  4. Its mostly the boost to creation endurance that hurts, especially since I have been playing around with battle creations this run.
  5. Well, that loss of the endurance boost hurts, but I guess it could be worse.
  6. While going through Mutagen, I ran into charging pools for items. While I am aware how they charge items, I was curious if the pools would regain their charge if you were to accidentally use one on the wrong item (per say, charging the FSG rather than the helix braces because you only found two of the pools and assumed each item had a respective pool to charge it)?
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