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  1. Not worth it as a shaper since batons have Missile Weapon skill requirements now, spray baton I think is 8 missile weapon points.
  2. Is one specifically better than the other? Is there an advantage to training both? In past geneforges batons seemed to always do much less damage than melee, and quick action doesn't do the same thing in this game, looks like missile seems to be the way to go?
  3. Does anybody actually know if they finally made the Guardian/warrior class good again since GF2, looks like there's less of a selection for creations/spells which may be an indirect buff
  4. I see so now you have to utilize everything like pods/crystals whereas you could've gotten away with the buffs+creations+daze/mental magic approach in the previous iterations. Wondering if mechanics and leadership still has the same type of role where you could do a play-through without killing anything? And this... is interesting
  5. I can't tell if I'm doing something wrong here. I've started off as an agent with torment (having played the past geneforges many times), this game is a whole different beast. I'm dying to packs of two fyoras constantly, missing/deflected half of my shots, and enemies will kill you almost instantly, not to mention your creations will turn charmed/rogue almost guaranteed if it gets below 30% health. The Rogue Thahd can somehow teleport. Has anyone tried torment difficulty? For reference I've just played through GF5 a few times in preparation, it felt nowhere near as impossible. On the other hand Normal mode felt completely reasonable... maybe like a Tricky in GF5.
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