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  1. 8 hours ago, Felix_Felicis said:

    Cheers! Almost replied to this a couple days ago because I felt bad that you had no comments. Here's my gut reaction:


    Haha I appreciate that but not to worry, I can happily say for my still new channel, Geneforge has gained the most views so far. 😄


    8 hours ago, Felix_Felicis said:

    1. Many people on this board have been playing Jeff's games for over 10 years, so your pace (playing on normal rather than Torment, discovering how various game mechanics work for the first time, etc) is a little slow from how most people here play the game.


    I think that's how it will naturally be for me on this one but I do appreciate the feedback/perspective on it, I do think that you make a good point there.


    8 hours ago, Felix_Felicis said:

    2. The freshness of your play-through is part of the charm. Seeing you explore barrels in the bandit camp and gladly pocketing pieces of fruit and rope, for example. Spiderweb game veterans know that Jeff populates his world with "junk" items that contribute to a sense of lived-in-ness and atmosphere, but you'll never see someone pick up rope because we know that can't be sold to the merchant for anything and (so far) Jeff hasn't created any game scenarios where you need a rope to exit an area (something where you climb down a cliff or a hole into a cave/dungeon would be really ingenious though).


    Thank you! 😁 I had definitely got an impression of that from Avernum but the item hoarder in me lives on. 😅 I thought maybe at least a few things could come up for some random quest or something but I wasn't certain.


    8 hours ago, Felix_Felicis said:

    Also, playing on Torment can contribute to dying a lot so you end up in the habit of save-scumming because you're just getting killed so often. So it's cool to see you just push through and commit to decisions (not save-loading on Bandit dialogue, for example, but paying the toll, then getting into the fight and just going for it anyway). Enjoy the rest of the game and I'll probably check out a couple more of your videos to see how it goes.


    Ah I haven't seen anything of Torment difficulty myself but that makes sense. I will hopefully stick to doing things that way. I don't like missing potential content but I think it'll be more fun in the end if I just run with any decisions. It's good to hear some feedback on that. 👍


    Thanks for taking the time. 🧙‍♂️


  2. Hi all!


    Would anyone familiar with modding Spiderweb Soft games know if you can add more hairstyles? I had changed the beard + hair I'm using to blue for my character but then it quickly dawned on me that I'd be running into NPCs with the same.


    Not looking for guide or anything, just hoping someone more familiar may be able to save me some time and point me in the right direction.


    Thank you,

  3. Hi all!


    I was just wondering if anyone knows a way to disable the left-click hold and drag that moves the view around. Not a big thing but I'm all set with the arrow keys and would prefer to just disable this from happening.


    EDIT: While I'm asking, does anyone also know a way to disable the mouse at the edge of the screen from doing this? That's more a normal way of things but if possible I would prefer to maintain the control with just arrow keys.



  4. Hello everyone!


    This is my first post here so I hope that it's okay being self-promotion. I'm not a big forum user in general but I love Avernum and after finishing up with the new Geneforge demo yesterday, wow! As much as I had fun with Avernum, I think this is going to a big one for me. It's shaping(hehe) up to be something very interesting and unique to say the least.


    Please note that I'm not really used to reading so much aloud in this way so there's a few stumbles but I had a lot of fun and hope that it's enjoyable for you too. Feedback/criticism is appreciated.


    Part 1 to 4 covering the full demo are available in 1440p(2k) / 60fps.




    Update: Now that Geneforge has fully released I have continued on from where the demo left off. Part 5 and 6 are currently available with more to come! 🧙‍♂️




    Part 1: Geneforge 1 - Mutagen (Demo) - The Adventure Begins! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oyY7DmwKL-8 


    Playlist: Geneforge 1 - Mutagen (On-going) - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5BxNDoDyEl0GOW2tN8UpeL_AkiuBI5v3




    Thank you and enjoy!


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