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  1. Well I'm delighted to see 3 replies : ) ... Uhhh... I'm a little embarrassed to say that I did finally find the switch in every instance where i had encountered the issue!... ...maybe that is what happens when you play very tired at night... (I didn't remember this from my previous foray in Avernum...but it was 15+ years ago!) But all is not lost... ...as a by-product i did find out that this community is alive and very helpful : ) Thank You for answering my call for help! Your answers cured me from the CONFUSED state spell t
  2. In Escape from the pit, I tried various missions to start...completing what i could and planning to comeback to others once i'm stronger...only to find out that any mission i started and where i opened a secret door...now has said door seemingly permanently closed...in some cases making the mission impossible to complete!!! Example: "Nepharim Prisoners" quest An early quest given by Mayor Steele in Cotra...where you need to sneak in the Neparim Underground Fort through a secret passage to release the 10 prisoners... My party was still too weak to complete the mission...
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