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  1. I'm guessing the Gammas are zone specific like the drayk because the itemschars gamma just has basic punch. Adding ab_range to an aura of flames style area effect does pretty much what I want, but has the annoying "target out of ability range" thing if you're too far instead of just moving close enough to do it like a proper melee. Still probably going to use it though, thanks for the tips. Anyone have an idea of what ab_missile_short_range does? Changing it didn't seem to do anything and everything that has it has it at 1. As for other questions, what are the effects of creature type besides disruption vulnerability for type 1?
  2. Alright, back to work on this after a week hiatus.πŸ˜† Anyone know if it's possible to make a multi targeting melee attack? ab_num_of_missiles doesn't seem to work for melee (not surprising, but disappointing) and I had been hoping for a multi melee for the Hydra. Alternatively, is there an easy way I'm missing to make a really short range ranged attack?
  3. It was a single. misplaced. semicolon. 🀬πŸ₯΄ Problem fixed, but you have a point that there's no deadlines, I think I'm going to just do all the base mechanical stuff before I release for testing so the new equipment and creations can be tested at the same time. Btw, what spells do you guys find useless? Haven't decided what is getting replaced yet so I thought I'd ask. Also, would anyone mind if I made Necklaces into hats and helmets?
  4. Thanks for the info, that is really cool, maybe I'll add some very interesting companions at some point. I had been hoping to post my "teaser" for my mod on Halloween, but I have come upon a bis problem. Despite my g5itemschars currently being the same size as the original, it isn't running. This feels like the file size limit issue, but again, mine is identical in size to the original, and I've seen that the warrior mod is even slightly bigger but works just fine. Ive only changed existing things so far so I'm kind of at a loss here. Is there some weird limitation I'm not aware of? I'm going over it with a fine toothed comb to make sure I didn't screw anything up but I thought I'd ask before I go crazy.
  5. Now that is interesting, I hadn't realized, potentially useful. I believe the warded gamma in the western wastes has the ability, listed in the zone modifications as set_new_abil(13,3);. The Runewarded Thahds from G4 had set_new_abil(12,1); set_new_abil(13,2); and set_new_abil(14,8); so that checks out. I just don't know if it's even possible to give a zone scripted ability to a creation in gf5itemschars. I ran into the same problem when I was looking into being able to make a creation that shapes like a spawner which are also zone specific. Retaliation damage seems simpler then spawning though, so maybe you can figure it out. I'd certainly use it if you did. If nothing else, I figured out how to give creations attacks that apply auras to your party on hit (essence enhancements too, but those apply to whoever you hit with the attack πŸ˜…)
  6. I'm aware you can't make creations stable and also think they suck and are useless, I'm just hoping to make them bizarre enough someone might get a kick out of them. Death effects work and can be added to creations, I added the pulsating rat death effect to a fyora and it poisoned everything around it when it died, I just can't find where the death effect definitions were coming from and hoped someone knew. I will have to check out the runewarded thahds. Sadly probably not useful though.
  7. I'm currently redesigning most of the creations and a good chunk of items and have a few more questions. Is there any way to make weapons two-handed? (I know it's a long shot but figured I'd ask) Is there some list of effects on death? Wondering because the dozen or so used are numbered so sporadically, but the random couple of numbers I tried outside those had no results. Is there any way to get retaliation effects innate on creatures, thorny aura style? I swear I've seen it, but maybe I'm thinking Avernum. Does vampiric touch actually do nothing like my brief tests indicate or am I missing something? Just trying to make unstable/grossly overpriced creations interesting/ actually useful (seriously wth magic shaping in general?! Charged Vlish especially makes me nauseous.)
  8. Excellent list, thank you, very useful to know for sure! Yeah I noticed when I tried to change the spell names it didn't change them in spell selection. As far as the consumable items go, I'm thinking something akin to Avadon scarabs, though I'd have to be careful with that as I can't give them cooldowns like Avadon does, and rapid fire repeated attack items would probably get out of hand fast. I'll probably leave crystals alone and mess with rods and wands.
  9. I don't plan on going so far as to step on anyone's toes, especially not the creator of my two favorite game series bar none, and I want as many people to enjoy my mods as possible so I won't touch messing with the executable/ patches. I'll simply post my intro/quest/ending etc. changes in a document people can read posted with everything else. To finish up my questions on immutable game aspects (without a hex editor or such) am I right in assuming spell and class names as well as items descriptions also fall into this category? Also, of wands, crystals and rods, are there any you guys are particularly attached to or inversely feel are useless? I hardly ever use them and was thinking of replacing one or two of them with something more interesting/useful. I'm asking because I just don't like consumables and usually play creation users on normal, unlike many of you who play torment and such so I don't want my mod to change something vital to survival. I also feel like combat focused characters get the shaft in the last couple games and would like to buff them. What kinds of tools/support would you suggest to help? I already plan on some better weapons and unlimited ammo range weapons, as alhoon's and TheKian's glorious mods inspired me, but is there anything else you guys might like to see?
  10. Alright, important new question I wish I asked before. Is it possible to alter the intro, ending or quest texts, and if so, how/where are they?
  11. Ignore what I had here before, I figured out how to make unmoving creations move and managed to butcher some ruined world sprites enough to make them work, though not perfectly as I don't have the patience. Still, it lets me give you guys some crazy creations so it was worth it. 😁 In more good news, I have found Diablo 2 sprites and some others can be fairly easily modified to work with Geneforge! I'm going to stop bothering you all with the sprite insanity now though, as my original plans did not include sprite modification or importing at all and I've spent days not doing what I set out to do in the first place. 😩 I won't post or edit again until I have reasonable, legitimate questions or I've completed something tangible to show off, sorry again for the edit spamming.
  12. Excellent, thanks for the prompt replies, and the overall good news. I can't lose my sanity if I already discarded it.πŸ₯΄ I have done a number of minor changes, this is the prelude to me doing potentially massive changes to confound and entertain myself and others, one step at a time. Weirdness is already included, I plan on abusing the aforementioned invisible sprite issue for a thematic invisible creation for example. Almost forgot, what is the file with the ability names? I can't seem to find it.
  13. Hi everybody, newbie here interested in doing some Geneforge 5 modding and I figured I'd ask a few questions before I got too much deeper into what I'm trying to do so I have a bit better idea of my options. 1. Is there any way to change core ability names like battle magic or fire shaping to something else? 2. Is there any way to make immobile creation sprites like pylons and turrets move without disappearing? 3. Are there any aspects of creations that can’t be changed besides (I think) essence cost and degrading creations? 4. Are there any general tips/ tricks/ tools you'd recommend to a new modder? TheKian's modding suite looked interesting but I couldn't get it to run and I'm not tech savvy enough to figure out why. Any help is appreciated.
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