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  1. Is there any easy way to convert .cmg to individual .bmp files on my end, or do I have to wait for a fixed Windows scenario release? I was actually pretty hyped to try out a new adventure in BoA
  2. This appears to be missing the graphic files, I get an error message and a lot of missing graphics. Looks like you've got some cutscenes in there, I'd love to look at a working copy. Seems like this could actually be really nice.
  3. I was actually going to ask in the Discord if anyone had attempted this. That is beautiful. How was this done?
  4. Numpad is the best method of movement if you get sick of clicking. The biggest advantage of top-down is that arrows and numpads don't get anywhere near as confusing as in isometric. Also, loot is utterly random. You never know when an enemy is just going to casually drop a super-powerful enchanted sword in the middle of a Nephil fort. Item Lore is a must, just to save the trouble of carrying trash loot and casting Identify/paying off sages constantly.
  5. OTVDM works fine for me on both 7 and 10, and I believe it says it's 8.1-compatible as well. Can't see any reason it wouldn't work, this is a fix for 64-bit Windows in general rather than any specific version. Side note, 32-bit versions of post-Vista Windows should work without OTVDM, not that it's necessary when there's a working x64 fix that seems less troublesome than I remember 8's 32-bit version being By the way, you should get Classic Shell if you're swapping from XP to 8, that way you'll have a Start menu that doesn't feel utterly foreign and isn't made for touchscreens rather than
  6. Side note, anyone trying this out, post your results. While it works fine on both my desktop and tablet, I wouldn't be surprised if some systems have different results. Knowing what configurations are working fine and if any have issues would help with troubleshooting and checking if this is worth using as a common answer to "How do I play Exile on my new PC?" I suspect Windows for ARM processors could have issues due to effectively running an emulator within an emulator, but don't have any devices on hand to test with.
  7. While looking for an x64 version of NTVDM in the hopes of running Exile on a Win7 x64 tablet and my Win10 x64 desktop, I came across a utility called OTVDM that enables 16-bit Windows applications to run on a 64-bit machine, and my experience playing Exile with it was utterly flawless, while NTVDM froze constantly. Anyway, here's a link to the page for OTVDM: http://www.columbia.edu/~em36/otvdm.html I used the Inno Installer link partway down and other than a false positive from my antivirus, it worked perfectly. Just installed, rebooted, and tested all 4 Exile titles, all of which ran wi
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