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Brother XL2600I Sewing Machine Review



The Brother XL2600I is definitely in the top 10 sewing machine on the best sewing machine chart. After testing and conducted lots of survey from users, we insist that all the functions of this sewing machine can be super supportive for you. This kind of sewing machine can both suitable for beginners and experienced sewists as well. If you want to find a good sewing machine includes all helpful functions at an affordable price, let’s check out The Brother XL2600I. However, the low price of this machine doesn’t reduce the quality of features. With all the pros and cons we are going to inform you, you will see how this machine become a “Must buy” product.



Brother XL2006I has many fantastic features which support your sewing project effectively


Furthermore, if you are in the quest of searching for a suitable sewing item for your home, you can check our newest article about the best home sewing machine JxKoW0u.gif at our CraftsSelection.com website. In this article also include a lot of comparison between various types of a sewing machine, including The Brother XL2600I.


Here are some main features of Brother XL2006I:

As an ideal sewing machine, Brother XL2006I has many fantastic features which support your sewing project effectively.


This machine has a stitches selector:

With this feature, selecting your stitches is as easy as turning the dial. At first, select your kind of stitches you are going to sew, and then rotate the dial. The arrow on the screen will illustrate which type of stitches you are choosing. Continue rotating until you find a suitable type of stitches. This setting will not change until you reset it.


Portable sewing machine:

A portable sewing machine can be a convenient machine for people who work mobile from home. It is lightweight and easy to carry. Along with Brother XL2006I, there are also many more cofunction sewing machine. You can learn more about this kind of sewing machine by reading the post of the best portable sewing machine for beginners AUCkCxS.gif and receive some further details.


This machine will do the threading job automatically:

If you always feel frustrated in threading the thread because your fingers are trembling, don’t be so worried. Purchasing The Brother XL2006I is the best decision for those who feel hard to make up the thread for your sewing machine. On the sidebar of this machine, there is a threading diagram as an introduction for using the automatic threading system. What you need to do is following the instruction. Then the machine will automatically adjust the settings.


What I like

  • Bare stitch selector.
  • Automatic threading system.
  • Portable sewing machine.
  • Inexpensive
  • Warranty up to 25 years.


What I don’t like

  • No display screen.
  • Made of plastic.
  • No case or dust cover.



Have a wide knowledge about various kinds of sewing machine can help you make the best decision



As mentioned above, this machine not only supportive but also affordable. You can consider whether to buy The Brother XL2006I or get more information about similar sewing machines. Have a wide knowledge about various kinds of sewing machine can help you make the best decision. Make sure the information channels you are searching are informative. Otherwise, you can access our blog with the article easy to use sewing machine for beginners PMzUaX2.gif for convenient.

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