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  1. Whoa thanks so much for that zip archive! I have been going through it - real blast from the past! Will save it properly this time (now that we have cloud storage). You're right - the ones that aren't mine are the fungoid queen, and the bear creature you mentioned. And the Tiberium solider. And thanks TM Paladin for the kind words about my music. This one is probably the most popular one I worked on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hhyhHZV6mnU I suppose you can find a lot more sprite artists out there these days. I went to a convention last year and was blown
  2. Hi all, This is Tim F who drew graphics back in the early days of BOE! I was just a 14 year old kid and really loved the community and the game. Sharing scenarios and tile sets over slow dial-up internet from my rural town. I was wondering if anyone has some of my old graphics saved? I lost them over the years. The Almighty Doer Of Stuff contacted me on linkedin some years ago saying he wanted to use them. I ended up getting a Fine Arts degree, then becoming a professional programmer (business stuff, not games). I'm a middle-aged man now. My only creative ou
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