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  1. That's nice to hear. Was disappointing to see the low amount of HP that endurance gave you in the base before patch game. I've been having a hard time as a guardian, I think Shaper would be WAY more powerful.
  2. The game responds really well to your windows scaling setting. You can do what I do, and set Microsoft Windows scaling to 150 percent, then when you launch the game it will increase the size of the UI etc. as if you had a lower resolution monitor.
  3. Love your games by the way! I don't think it is Steam related for me, I wasn't using Steam for the demo and Steam wasn't open. Just Epic game store for Borderlands. I got the demo from Spidweb directly. Turned off MSI Afterburner and I'm in business! Hope you can sticky the info somewhere where people can clearly see it. If it can't be easily fixed by the developer, that's not a big issue as long as all the users know how to fix it. Can say that on the demo download page or the Steam page. So glad to finally start playing!
  4. Sweet Jesus! Thank you, it was Afterburner and RTSS running that caused the crash when you open a menu. Still, Spidweb should know that most of the world uses Afterburner, so I can't believe that made it through testing, but still, thank you. I can play!!!
  5. I tried that. It crashes if I use the shortcut, or even press escape to try to open a menu in game. It's all menus I guess that make it crash. Disappointing...
  6. I can't progress. It dies when it tries to autosave? or I try to manually save and click on the button in the bottom right. How to fix? I tried the SDL2 thing or whatever it was called, but don't have any other ideas. 9700k and RTX 2080, Windows 10. Yeap, F3 causes it to crash also.
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