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  1. I guess avoiding giving uncomfortable answers to Redbeard is not a good idea.
  2. Nevermind-- finally got it to work. I avoided an earlier conversation w Redbeard about the construct, & it never came up again. On about the 7th or 8th try to trigger this, he actually asked about it again. Apparently the quest won't happen without that conversation.
  3. So I have done everything except Silena's quest and have spoken to Redbeard and gotten the final meeting quest. And still Silena won't advance the quest. I quit and went back to an earlier save & redid the Redbeard conversation where I get the final meeting quest again. She is same as ever. I have been to the site with her several times & have said I would help her. Why is this stuck? I don't want to go into the endgame without this, but it won't trigger, & I have researched & know it is supposed to trigger now (and it is my last chance). On a Mac, running Mohave 10.14.5, have
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