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  1. Thanks for the suggestions guys, and the issue is the need for online access to start the offline session through steam.
  2. I recently started rereading the wheel of time in an out of order whichever one I feel like next way. Hopefully those 20k pages will get me through most of this plague. I am also slowly treading through the Silmarillion.
  3. I played the Geneforge series, and loved it. I am looking for another of Jeffs series to occupy my time. I was about to get a steam bundle of almost all the still working games but I need offline access that steam does not have available. (I frequently and unexpectedly get several hours of internet interruption) Is it worth getting the original Avernum series (first 6 not including the remade first 3)? or should I get the redone ones and follow the story from there? I mostly like the story being told, is the story expanded/changed with the remake, and do the older ones have issues running at a
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