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  1. You're right, I missed a switch in the mini empire base area and finally found the orb. I still have no idea what is up with that switch, though. https://i.imgur.com/iPoUxEl.jpeg Thanks a lot!
  2. So I've owned this game for a loong time, but U've only played it in short spurts so my progress has been super slow. Anyway, my question is this: to join the scimitar the scimitar i'm askedo destroy an orb in a goblin cave with a hudden empire base. The thing is that I had already gone through that a long time ago (i don't even remember what i did with the orb). Coming back to it now, I'm not prompted to do anything. But the scimitar guy keeps urging me to go there. Did i break the quest? Also in the same cave, there is a hidden switch on the other side of a small pool of water. I ha
  3. I have an old low res monitor, so I play Spiderweb games on a 1024*768 resolution. But, even when I choose that, Avadon 3 opens up on a 1280*1024 one, which is my monitor's current default resolution. Scaling it down also scales down Avadon, hinting that it's just taking the max possible resolution. Also, this only happens in full screen mode. I've seen some other user complain about that in Gog in a game review, which is the version I'm using. Anyone else experiencing this? I know it's pretty minor but I'm used to the one resolution for these games, and this makes me squint a bit.
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