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  1. I'm wondering, what does his curse do in this version? Being thorough about checking every nook and cranny, I've had a tendency to always find the crystal with his soul in every playthrough since the days of Exile 3. Now on the newest version of A3, on my second playthrough, I wanted to see what it does, after seeing someone describe it as him "making their life a living hell," but only seem to get a lot of the messages that mention a chill up your spine. No dread curse in my special items, no notable issues with combat, so what does it do?
  2. Haha, oh yeah. I remember back in the days of Exile 3, I ended up getting one of those game-overs from the insubstantial in the tunnel to Blackcrag, despite the warnings. Possibly a few others as well.
  3. It's what you get if you choose not to fight the demons at the Great Circle. My main save file went on with them dead, but before I killed them, I got curious to see what happens if you don't fight them, and whatever Feast does, you can't get Ahonar to cure, or even notice it. I'm guessing it's something that affects the game's ending?
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