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  1. Thank you both for replying to me so quickly. I am LOVING this game and have purchased all the Avadon and Avernum games off of Steam. Truly, the game is phenomenal! Just what my RPG Doctor ordered! Thank you!!

  2. Quick note: I am NEW to the game!! Please no spoilers! I only just met the Dragon Khethrion (sp?).




    My characters are walking around laden with a bunch of items that *appear* to be useful but won't even register on the sell list with merchants (i.e. incense, broken sword, ink, cauldron, scale, etc.).


    Is there anyway to find out if these items are worth picking up? I mean I grabbed the incense, cauldron, ink, paper, and scale thinking my casters would want those for their "labs" (which don't exist obviously, or at least don't in the early part of the game I am in) but there doesn't appear to be a point to carrying it around. I'm even carrying around ale and wine for seemingly no reason. It's a bit disconcerting. :(


    @Game Devs - Also, I would like to make a suggestion: let us keep our party of adventurers when we return to Avadon instead of making our helpers go back to their respective domiciles with all the items they are carrying for us. 



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