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  1. Oh! I have open the door many hours ago,only to find that there was nothing in the room,so I just reload the game and ignore this room......now i know the next step thank you!! all problems have been solved!!
  2. thank you a lot! by the way, I have another question now I am doing the quest"Wallace's Errands" which requires that I should find "records" near City Hall in Goldcrag but what are the "records" exactly? Is it an item that I can obtain from the ground/container,or somewhere which will trigger some events when I get close to it? It is described as "14 leather-bound volume" 、"bulky/heavy"...........but what the hell is it!!!!!!! I have been searching it for 1 hour.......exausted.......without finding anything useful......help please (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻
  3. actually I want to ask 3 questions 1、Does training/blessing(special item) benefit all characters or just benefit the first characters? 2、Can a character gain an ability which doesnt exisit in his skill tree from an item(not scarabs) ? Can the ability gained from an item(not scarabs) be effective if the characters hasn't studied it? 3、Does +4% melee damage outweigh +1 strength?
  4. Finally I managed to open the door....I agree with you that it is the most disgusting scene I have ever seen......your instruction is clear, and until now I realize what the function of the other two consoles and avoid wasting essence and supplies to heal myself.....thank you !!
  5. Oh! I know why I failed to rotate the lever... It must because I clicked it too frequently, without any break.. Thank you!
  6. Well, I have been waiting for so long, only to find that the machine in the centre sprays power again and again,which do great damage to my health .So I have to heal myself again and again while bearing the damage.....And, I didn't see any monster ...really weird...
  7. how to open the southern door of Kratoa Stoneworks power core? The northern door has been open automatically,and I had killed the roamers but the southern door are always locked, whatever I did.... So, how should I do next to open the southern door?
  8. I forgot accepting the quest a few days ago, and if not were your reminder, I may never remember such a quest... Now I know the procedure,thank you
  9. Thank you ! I totally forgot this place! Now I know what to do next
  10. I have look up the instruction and knew that there are two locations where I can craft new items——one is in Ilya Province,and the other is in Burwood Province....But the llya Province contains a lot of parts, so which area exactly should I go to?(I need to know the name of the area) Well,it's a stupid question,but I am really exausted searching every area.......Help,please!!!'
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