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  1. I came back to the tower after killing the wizard, yet both gates to the demon summoning area are closed from the inside. So, if you leave, you can't kill him anymore apparently... (In my first confrontation with Moritz I was just like level 20, no way I could do it. Also I only play on Torment.) PS: Nevermind, I found how to enter, had forgotten. It's from the underground.
  2. Thanks. We could also try to offer money for the map editor tool, but he must already be pretty wealthy and we don't have access to substantial amounts, so I'd rather count on request rather than making a potentially insulting offer.
  3. I know thew discussion is old but I thought the opposite to the loyalists. I haven't even finished the game, But for example Redbeard makes clear in one of his talks that nobody can join the pact ever. So those "evil farlanders" are just people trying to get by ; they can never become part of "peace and order". Also they have to pay tribute and Avadon regularly slaughters them, with or without reason. Hands of Avadon are also corrupt by definition and it is made clear that, the more corrupt the more powerful and they are basically unaccountable. You think "oh, I'm attacking bullies and murderers for hire", Without taking into account that you ARE a bully and murderer for hire, just a far more powerful and ruthless one. Take into account many if not most intelligent enemies will offer you a peaceful resolution, which for "Avadon" (or the questgivers) would be treason. So... at least the Wayfarer trats me kindly unlike Redbeard who constantly makes veiled threats to murder me.
  4. Hello, I am from an Argentinian educative project. We have been meaning to do educational RPGs for teens, teaching them social and ethical values and skills. We are a new branch of a long-standing foundation (see about it on web1x1.org , although it is a very outdated page, and only available on Spanish) We know of other Vogel games with community-made map editors, which have not been rebuked by the creator, such as the Geneforge 5 zone editor. However, it is our feel that Geneforge has a more "gamey" approach, and more outdated graphics, and that an avadon-like game is much better for a project for social and ethical skills, because of the party-based gameplay with teammate dialog interaction, and the complex moral decisions of quests (although many of them in the original game sort-of require you to kill for naught as with the harmless Splinterbone, and you are encouraged to do it for reward - fortunately, this one is optional). Anyways, although the original game does offer a very rich landscape and so on, we would like to completely re-use the engine (including changing the graphics and scripts) for posing educational social and practical conundrums. We have considered other options like RPGmaker and FLARE but the first is very clumsy and lacks a practical ingame UI, and the second one is still in alpha development. We know the source code of the game isn't free because of valid commercial concerns (AKA other people would use this to make their competing games which is no good for the original creator), however we 1- don't require the source code, only a way to make maps 2- the same executable could be used as original Avadon, and 3- we can already replace scripts and graphics since these are fortunately not encrypted). We would even encourage students to purchase the original game. Basically, our version would be a total conversion mod to be applied over it, with completely changed characters, quests and location. Is there an editor already available or in the works? If not, you think we have any chance contacting Vogel to lend us his? Regards, NimoStar and the Un Mundo un Pueblo (One World One People) informatics team.
  5. You get a lot of Wands in the game, I end up seelling most of them as my char is a shadowwalker. However if your main character is a sorceresss, you should use these in-between perios. FOr example wands of Ice abound, also wands of Venom. Their damage in the hands of an uninitiated is much unimpressive, but as a sorceress with high Intelligence you get bonuses to even magic damage from objects, not to mention your speciall skills. Also, this way you can attack not once, but twice in a turn, and even move in-between. The other thing that will be useful to you is scrarabs, many of them have activated abilities. Later in the game you will be able to use an ability each turn (albeit if a different one) in combat because of the number of them available, so don't worry about bow attacks in the long term.
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