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  1. Ah ok. I hope he releases them all on iPad. I don't know, it's all a bit too tiny for me on normal 1080p monitors, but the 13 inch screen is just fitting. The text is no longer tiny, and I don't need glasses to spot things on the ground. I vastly prefer the iPad releases for that reason. Well that and it's just nice to have a game that's as engaging as these types of games on an iPad.
  2. While he hasn't mentioned anything date wise, he just confirmed to me in an email yesterday that it was coming out early 2018. Here's part of the mail chain where he confirms it. It looks a little weird with the recipient because I sent an original email to the support email, which was then forwarded to Jeff's email, and he replied to it, and bcc'ed me (it looks like), http://i.imgur.com/KfTbsv9.png
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