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  1. i dont get it too. i tried everything. do i have to end of the main redbeard quests before i can solve this one. but for the other hand quests it was always possible to finish them immediatly
  2. ok but the door is locked. i cant enter its always says that i cant open, even with massive violence
  3. thanks mate for the answer. i found it by myself after looking for more than one hour. didnt expect you to answer that fast. but now i have the next problem. its with the "knowledge at last" quest. i got the message from torch i go to svars peninsula. when i arrive there nathalie doesnt appear but i need her for my fights i hope you can help
  4. hi im late but i rly hope u will read this im in the "child gone astray" quest im at that point where i talked to chief tilla and i have to go south east to find the hidden way into the camp but i cant find it. there is nowhere a path opens would be nice if you could help me
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