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  1. Thanks for the response Randomizer. A little disappointing (for me) but I guess the various SW game lines all have different strengths.
  2. Just finished Avernum 1 and Avadon 1 at around the same time. Although I enjoyed both, Avadon was better for me as it invested me in my companions and forced some hard decisions which really added to the immersion. So - I was wondering, do any other SpiderWeb games do this or was it just Avadon ?
  3. Well - what I was originally hoping was that there were other rods or staves out there (In Avadon 1) that could be a steady performer in between skill / spell cool downs - like the "Mage's Staff". - just not fire based. So - if dex / bow is not the way to go for in-between periods, would you say just having the sorceress pass or do the minor bow damage (without good dex) would be most efficient or is the another thing she could be doing to contribute more during the cool down periods?
  4. So - my Sorceress led party is doing pretty well in their service to the Pact. I've noticed however that in battles with hordes of fire based enemies, that during my cool down periods for spells, I'm not contributing too much. All rods seem to be fire based so far and my bow skill is nothing to brag about. This leaves me wondering, is it a sound idea to build up some Dex and be more effective with the bow? Or seek out a rod that is not fire based? Do such things actually exist?
  5. Great - thanks for the clarification Kelandon. I am playing Avadon at the same time on the iPAD (no PC gaming for me) but with the amount of content and apparent re-playability in both series, I think I'll have no problem waiting for Avernum 3. Best regards
  6. Hey Guys - I am a little confused. I see Avernum 6 on the AppStore and also Avernum 1 and 2. So it seems 6 is part of another trilogy? Would it run any story / plot line elements to play 1,2 and 6 and then Avernum 3 when it is release for iPAD? Or would it be better to wait for Avernum 3 after finishing 1 and 2?
  7. Hi Randomizer. I am still working through Avadon the Black Fortress and have then 5 other games to explore on IOS - so I don't mind waiting. Thanks for the advice on the e-mail. I will drop him a note about the same. Best regards, Kurt
  8. Hi Jeff, I am a big fan of your work on Avadon and Avernum on IOS. I would also like to play this series but seriously doubt I can play on my PC and also Alt + Tab effectively (as I also use it as a work computer). So it would be greatly appreciated if you could publish GeneForge as well on IOS. For that, I would gladly pay PC / premium prices. Thanks for your consideration. Kurt
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