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  1. I honestly thought Monarch just wanted to kill things and do research on his dark pit area thing.
  2. Should be F11 for Quicksave in Geneforge 1. F12 should be the load quick save button.
  3. I think they're referring to the links in that post.
  4. He can shape. He just chooses not to in order to keep his cover.
  5. The answer to the disruption question is answered fairly early on in Geneforge 1, iirc. It's been years since I've played that part of the series though.
  6. I guess there's a difference between being able to power through the game with previous knowledge, and going at it for the first time. Seeing talks about how people are "X" level and can't take on something when I'm normally around that level and clearing the area just feels weird man. Then again, it's been over a decade since it was my first playthrough of most of this series. /shrug
  7. Yeah, I'd tried that before I posted. Going through the actual program files just brought me to the games icon repeatedly, and using the properties option only shows me the "Advanced tab." I don't know if having swapped to the Steam version a few years ago makes a difference in this or not.
  8. I feel pretty dumb having to ask this, but I've recently upgraded to Windows 10 after years of Windows 7. Would anyone happen to know how to find the Files\Scripts folder on Windows 10? It's been driving me nuts for like three weeks now.
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