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  1. Here's what I did, These are the only 3 nodes I have set, I havnt set any other flags or anything else just these three. I followed your one time node and put it in the front of the chain, it still doesn't end. something just isn't right here, I still dont understand the set sdf thing but Im trying to figure it out more as I type this. Also I've bookmarked and read both gamefaqs guide for scenario editor AND the BOE editor documentation..I wouldn't have even got this far without them so i'm atleast glad its there (even though alot of it is still confusing to me the way its worded.). I was skipping over the "one time nodes" and "if-thens nodes" when I first started messing around with the editor again, but now i'm starting to learn/study those a bit more (that's pretty much why I didn't use the "random number?" node to begin with. I've even changed a few things in the "stuff done flag 1a and 1b" to different numbers, the same numbers, left it at -1 but It still doesn't work and the items keep appearing when I step on the node over and over. Also the "special dot" that I made isn't disappearing either (and by that I mean the "place special spot" dot. Thanks so far for the replies but I must be missing out on something..does these pictures look right? if so then its just not working and its bugged.
  2. Heres what I've been trying in order from left to right. I've put in "otherwise call this special" a "one time do nothing" with flags 1a and even 1b (or both) set at -1 or even 250 because I dont know what do to there AND i put it at the start before these two nodes, it still repeats the random number/place item nodes over and over, I've also put the "special to jump to" boxes and set those to "one time do nothing" after these and it still repeats. I seen and tried this option before I asked the last question..I just dont get it..am I doing somthing wrong with flags or is this just flat out bugged in some way? edit- Also tried "One time and set" still repeats and I left the "otherwise call this special" and "special to jump to" at -1 or even just set to "no special" still repeats.
  3. Ok so the almighty doer of stuff, what you suggested is exactly along the lines of what I'm trying for, It seems to work..atleast to the extent of what I understand..So here's what I did and what I want to do exactly, if you could help me more on this. I set the node in order to--> Random number--> then Place item, before I walk on the exact location that I set it doesnt show the item UNTIL i walk on that spot. I was hoping that the item would show up before I walk there..this I can work with if its not possible but IF it is possible that the item would be there already, that would be great. Here's my biggest problem at the moment.. and I dont completly understand why..it keeps repeating the node everytime I walk on the spot and more and more of the items I have set keep appearing. how do I make it END after the item that appears once goes there? I have messed around with it for hours so I atleast tried a few things before Im asking this..Im assuming its done with stuff done flags which I dont get at all..if you could go into detail about this or give me a exacmple it would make my day.. edit- lol went messing around and now im getting a error? whuttt? cant even open the scenario anymore
  4. Hey so I'm back at working on my new scenario and I wanted to ask if something is possible and how it works. So I'm trying to add random items to a specific town. I see the button option In the Scenario Tab to "Edit Item placement shortcuts" which helps.. but what I really want to do is, when you ENTER a town, can you make it add random items at random Every time you enter, like potions, food, herbs etc. If this is possible, how exactly would you go about this? If not I think this would be a great option to add in the future If possible and it's really the backbone of the type of game I'm trying to aim for. Thanks for any help in advance.
  5. That's awesome! the recipes thing is a great idea Ima use that. Also Is it possible to have a weapon/armor "break/broken" type mechanic so that it will not work anymore or disappear from there inventory that you know of off the top of your head? I wanted possibly add a durability system in and Yeah I never could figure out how to do the store/unstore thing. I tried for hours but I still dont get how it works. Whenever I did anything with it I just got a PC with a blank name and 6hp. I guess its really just the store part of it. I know they go into a SDF but where and how do i check this?
  6. So I finally got more time to mess around with making my game and getting the Node for switching single PC's out. I finally think I got it working on OBoE now after 80+ lines of code! I have it setup kinda the same way as before, deleting all PC's except one, then once you leave the stairway to the first town, you will never be able come back to the initial starting place. I then have 6 special spots setup on the map to un-delete all PC's and then delete again but the second PC and so on. I dont know a shorter way of doing this without problems. I tested to see if I killed a monster, getting exp, then switching to another PC and back. It seems the exp saves just fine. I still hate the fact that It drops all the items off the PC's on the ground but I have placed a non-movable storage chest so they can store items before switching EDIT-I was wanting to ask about some ideas about adding a good "weapon/armor craft system" the only thing i could think of is making NPC's accept a certain amount of items in exchange for the weapon etc. the materials/items could be dropped off of monsters or I thought about even making special spots that start a battle with one monster like a "iron golem" or something with a lot of HP but no attack, so think your mining them like ore, they will be easy but take some time as most games now basically just use a system where it just takes like 30sec+ or so to get those materials. So what does everyone think?
  7. Hey I just wanted to ask since using OBoE and I'm back to focusing on custom textures in my game, I heard there wasn't a limit to how many you can add in, so how does that work? how do i get to the next page? EDIT-nvm I think i found it.. you just scroll down more in the terrain edit page (So i guess my question now is, what is the new limit to the number of different customs and the limit to how many different kinds on a map if there is one?)
  8. oh cool, im going to try this out soon and see what happands
  9. So if I reserve a PC's SDF is it saving the exact PC's stats and such? I'm hoping that the player can select through the party that they created unless this is what's happaning
  10. Yes he's been giving me lots of advice, I would have been lost long ago without all you guys So I got into the OBoE Editor finally and I love it. But I'm very frustrated at the same time, I finally got my character selection type node to work in LBoE...so I setup the node the same way in OBoE but it seems its bugged or the "Absent" status doesn't work the same way for some reason. So I tried for hours for the right node chain to force the player only to play 1 PC again. The only way I have found so far is to stick them into my 2 space box room where u can only go south on a node that is (Select PC extra 1a-2 *specific*, Extra 1b-5 *it picks the 5 PC member in the party* then Deleting that PC. Any other selection I choose the player could cancel the menu which would mess it up or it just didn't work as far as I know. So I rinse and repeat those steps 5 times until the player only has the first PC in the party, The rest have been deleted and as far as I know you cannot bring them back in the character editor (which is good ). I have a warning at the scenario/node start warning the player about this. This is not exactly how I wanted to set it up, but its the only way I could find. I'm looking for a better way to do this! I also have it set up to where there not in the first town so they can't -Create PC's in town- still. ANDDD I'm now looking for a good way to switch out characters 1 by 1 or storing them and bringing out ones of there choice..I have no idea how to set this up as I dont get the storing/unstoring PC's (please help the guide seems vague to me). If all else fails Ill make Prefabricated PC's to join you that might leave at a certain point or something and you could even have monster PC's on your team which sounds fun (I know there is the summon spell) any suggestions/ideas would be awesome
  11. Oh wow I Just installed it and tried it for a minute or so, Definitially feels easier to use. Im using windows 10 and its working so far in the scenario editor, but I can't figure out how to get my custom graphics to work, I put them in the graphics folder but..
  12. Oh ok ..didnt know that so how do you get OBoE? you all been saying it doesn't work right though? are you able to copy your scenario over to it? I still like the way I have the node setup as is but it sounds like I could do alot more.
  13. Yeah that will work better for sure ill have to change it to be that way as I would rather them start next to the "character select node". I still wish I could find a way to limit a player to a certain number of PC's from the start rather then the 6 different PC's (although they could set this up with initial creation, but it would be nice to force it, it's not that big of a deal though) but I haven't figured it out yet. I was thinking, now that this actually works,, this could be setup to where you could give 1 character "mule" skills of sorts to help your other characters and you have to level each one (which I would have to find ways for a Priest mule character to level up lol) but the possibility's are bound. I do still hate the fact that the player drops all there items when you step on the node but ill put a chest/dresser next to the second node with the starting equipment and so they can store there stuff. I also haven't tested to see if you can get exp or if you revert to being level 1 for some reason..I doubt its like that though. EDIT- I DID not see this before! this might be a better way to do so that they wont drop all there items on the ground at each character swtich and they could be "hireable" NPC"s which is exactly what I wanted! no idea how to set this up though..ill have to tinker with it D: Type 106: Store PC This special node removes a PC from the party and stores them away somewhere. Stuff Done 1, Stuff Done 2: If these are set to something other than -1, this SDF is set to the unique ID of the stored PC, minus 1000. Only leave these unset if you already know the unique ID (for example, because you obtained it when creating the PC with the above node). If you don't know the unique ID of the stored PC, there is no way to unstore it. Extra 1a: If you set this to 1, the PC is not stored, but the SDF (if present) is updated. Uses: This could be used if you have an NPC that joins the party, and you want the NPC to leave at some point and later return to the party. Type 107: Unstore PC This special node takes a PC previously stored with the above node and, if there's space, puts it back into the party. Extra 1a: The unique ID of the PC to unstore. If less than 1000, the game will add 1000 to it. Extra 1b: A special node that will be called if the party already has 6 PCs.
  14. That's what I meant! I guess I should have pointed to the guide from the start it was hard for me to word it right lol, So this is what I have setup now. A small "starter" room that the player begins in..they can only move south to the node location, (Kill/Raise-1 hurt 41a extra,Pick a PC,Kill/Raise-1 hurt) then I setup to where once they move and pick, they are warped outside to the world map due to the "town boundries" and the town is gone from existance because I will add no entrance to it again. I then put the same thing in any non-starter town and you can then pick another character for play as said before it doesn't seem like you can create a new NPC outside of starter town and the character editor cannot do anything as far as I have tested. I also put this warning message as soon as the player walks on the node -----Note-This scenario is to be played with 1 PC. Once you pick, All other PC's items will drop to the ground. Also make sure to un-equip everything prior. DO NOT click cancel on the "Select a PC" menu or all PC's will "Surface" and the game will end.
  15. If a character died, or if you used the Split Party node, the character editor can bring back the missing party members. It is possible to add new PCs after the game begins, without using the character editor, but as I recall, you need to be in the town you started in; so you can easily get around that by making the startup town a "setup" town that removes 5 party members and then takes you to a different town. 1-as far as I know with using the BoE character editor, you cant. I have it setup to where you can only play one character at a time once you move the only way you can which is south across the kill/raise node, all PC's except the one you pick will be on the "surface" if that player dies in the game it will end and the reload screen menu comes up. I even saved the game after the kill/raise node and died and saved and tried the character editor but there doesnt seem like there's a way to bring all other PC"s back. so they could ressurect that ONE PC if they died I noticed, But the party is not split at all, so I wouldn't think the game or character editor can reunite as there not split and I wont be adding a reunite node for that reason. 2-thats actually a good sounding work around just incase they can get around the node. Through more testing you are right about being able to create new PC's while in the game. I didnt even see that XD. you just delete your old PC and create a new one.. so what is a good way to make that one room my startup town and then instantly teleport them to another so they cannot return and make new PC's?
  16. Ennui Im glad to atleast hear that it can be possible to make it work, for me I'd rather FORCE them to play with 1 PC at a time, It just feels better to me that they HAVE to rather then choosing not to and ruining my whole experience for the player. The all mighty doer of stuff, Im not getting what your saying. I just checked the character editor with a loaded party or not and I dont see how you can "add" party members after there past the node or even before it. I think the way I setup the node there's no way I can find around it, If i never put a split party node/scenario or reunite node in my scenario they can't do it. None of them are dead either and no way possible to die at the spot I have them start at, let alone after the node takes effect on your party I noticed in the character editor it says "Surface" next to there name and doesn't show there stats or anything, if you are in my scenario and even take one step you hit the "Kill/Raise" node, That's when it says "Surface" by there name. What i get out of that is there not even in the game techinally until I switch back to them again. If your saying they can just get into my scenario editor files and change that..then yeah I figured that..there's nothing I can do about it which suck's Try it for yourself because I wanna know in perfect detail how to get out of not hitting the node even with character editor, for my own knowledge so I can tweek it!
  17. I thought if they used the character editor they would still HAVE to run into my Node spot since its the only place to move out of the room. they can't raise dead or reunite because there not dead or split! there in a "surface" status. granted I know they could become godly on a single PC non the less. If they can edit my work then there's nothing I can do either way. Which if it was me I would change that (I just hate cheating in all forms usually the majority of people choose to cheat)..unless there's a item or something to move past the node, since I don't know much about the character editor. I thought playing one PC could be fun and balanced if you set the monsters up right plus I'm adding the fact that you can switch between characters for different situations but once again I havn't got that far. I'm just not one for "parties" of 6, I like solo if anything and I really wanted to make it work somehow. I think I made it sound worse then it will be. you will still be able to save/load fine in my scenario, Im just trying to make a 18+ year old game somewhat challenging even though I know there's puzzles and whatnot. also do you know how I can make containers/barrels/crates keep the items after you leave town and come back?
  18. That's an idea ill try if this doesn't work out because I might have figured it out.."Split Party" right before they exit the door, which is AWESOME so far if it works because you can even select which character you would like to play. also was thinking that if you teleport them back into the room or somthing you could reunite then make them split again so you can change class/characters! EDIT--So I think i got it working now after HOURS of trying stuff and it ended up being easier then I was making it. I first use the Kill/Raise Dead node, First I use the Kill Node with "extra 1a being set at 4" then i continue on to "Select a PC" Node, you then pick which character you wish to play then it continues to Raise Dead Node and they come alive and active. If you step back onto the Kill/Raise Dead Node again you can then select your other PC's, although it seems to drop everything your holding on the ground which Isn't to bad I guess. Also if you die on a single player its GAME OVER! which is almost exactly what I wanted, I also think this might make the "Save Scummers" harder to use considering you only have one Player life at a time..so say you saved with poison on you on accident..and you have no cures...well you might be screwed Although I haven't yet tested to see if you use the Kill dead node if you lose all your EXP since you go to the "surface", I did test to see if poison stays there even if there on the "surface" and it does! All in all I think this can be used as a single player character selection experience
  19. So I was trying to think of ways today to force the game to be single player, I tried a series of nodes. KILL THEM ALL BUT ONE! So firstly I made a small room where the player starts with one exit and put a node on the only exit that poisoned the party or even did a massive amount of explosion/unblockable/instant kill damage, but you can get a "you lucked out and dodged the damage"?? or start with 1 or more priest type characters you can heal your way out of it (anyway to stop this?) I was thinking of putting more then one of those "death nodes" in a row in a straight one space hallway so that even if the player SPAMS heals they can only save one member, which might work, but still seemed like it could be fought through with enough healing/luck, also since you go from "DEAD" to "DUST" (which if i remember correctly dust status you cannot be ressurected?) its harder to pull off. In my head im thinking if the player could even get two crappy no skilled pure mana priests out alive..then its not going to work for me. Any other ideas based off this that anyone can think of? I want it so that I can kill off all other party members except one of choice in anyway. I figured this could even be made for a cool scenario type where the player had to earn ressurect's of some sort for his party members later on!!
  20. Yeah I wasn't sure if using this map would be a problem. Anyway I might make this my update page for what I do if its ok. I was wondering a few things if possible (sorry they might have been asked a million times and might be in the BoE Scenario guide) 1. I wanted to try to make my game single player. Or maybe with NPCS that the player can hire. Is this possible? 2. I'm Trying to make the game challenging and thinking of penalties to the player or party if they die since you can basically save/load on the fly(which can make some battles/dungeons easier) Anyway around this? 3. I just started with this game again after years and haven't got to explore everything but, can you make outdoor/indoor fog of war come back in a specific map? 4. I wanted to stick to indoor only battles if possible and make a ton of dungeon type areas with multible floors. is this a good idea? 5. I understand the limits of the game. 255 map tiles I can get by with, but since most of them are going to indoor/outdoor/dungeons, what is a good way to detail up a map? I was thinking about using some of the items? or maybe even some of the monsters slots since there is a lot that I might not use, but they all are great. Also I updated my world map a little more and here are some of my building walls and houses so far (Its A LOT of work!)
  21. Hi, I have finally after all these years started using the scenario editor. I played the game as a kid when it was first released so long ago like many others here. I loved every second. I'm trying to learn how everything works and reading the forums about it so I can make a balanced game if possible. I feel like most of the default sprites/tiles are really good and I want to use some but also make custom's, which is actually a lot of fun. Any Tips are welcome. Is there anything major or cheap that I should watch out for when making a game? I did copy a map from my favorite game that I played for years and love. (which I hope is ok.) I'm going to use ideas from that and other games that I loved in the past (and hopefully my own a little XD) I wanted to show what I have done so far, which took A LOT of work because I had to piece it all together in paint XD.
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