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  1. This thread provided me with the answer to my issues. It has just enough scripting know how in it for me to have figured out how to make bread into Wisdom Crystals. Now I can quickly add the necessary skill points to continue my singleton-playing-through-all-games run. I thank you all, and especially @Peter Principle and @Lilith for the clear explanation of how to change the effect type level of items. May this thread's necro be useful to someone else who also wants to play this old game.
  2. That sounds...less complex. The basic tactics would be dumbed down in that case. No offense intended to anyone with that. I did start up the remake of the original Avernum at one point, and was pleasantly surprised to find traits earned over the course of leveling. That's a neat idea and all, which would fit well as feats if I went with a Pathfinder interpretation. I would want to focus my tabletop efforts at the Original Trilogy era, and also at the original Exile era. Basically, I want to take the variety and choice that was present in Exile 3 and couple it with the I
  3. I haven't played enough of the new ones to know. Is that the case? Branching out is a bad idea in the new ones?
  4. I am looking for a true classless game with multiple skill paths to the same result (RE: You could learn Pole Weapons to 30 and be amazing, or you could learn Pole Weapons 22 and Blademaster 8 and be just as good, etc), which includes the superiority of some (rare) skills over others, and uses the Avernum setting AND the Avernum mechanical "feel". If the game doesn't "feel" like playing Avernum, I will have failed. Also noting that the Pole Weapons 30 guy used many more skill points for overall less versatility, that is definitely an important part. I considered Pathfinder, but fou
  5. No harm in trying. I'll learn how to edit my character's skill points in my save file if I have to. One way or another, the singleton will save Avernum again and again!
  6. I've been kicking around some ideas of a way to convert the delicious Avernum rules into the tabletop format. I'd really like to see the ability to expand the stories we can tell beyond the limitations of a CRPG. I've already got some basic ideas for how I want to do this, most likely with a D100 system sort of like Dark Heresy to start. The biggest thing I want to see is the idea of "levels" in various skills adjusting the chances for success in 5% increments, with additional levels taking more skill points to attain...so I could also go with a simple D20 variant. Each 5% is akin to +1 on a D
  7. I shall second that request. I got a long running singleton who is playing through all Avernum games. Hard to keep him consistent in A4 if his skills all drop to bottom of the barrel. And the cheats only give skill points through leveling, which means a huge unexplained drop in power from A3 to A4.
  8. Yeah, I tried E. I didn't try any other keys beside E and F, and the button did not work. None of the toolbar buttons were working at all, I had to play with hotkeys. The mouse could be used for anything above the button-toolbar, but not for the toolbar itself.
  9. I also would like to know what happened to this game. I have a minor bug in it to report. When attempting to save a customized party before entering a scenario with it, the game crashes instead of saving.
  10. Clarification: The bug is not so minor. I also cannot end combat once I have started it in town mode!
  11. Is there where I put this? I tried out your BoE build, the newest one posted "2016-10-16 15:55" for Windows and encountered a minor bug. I cannot click the buttons to open any menus are interfaces, I can only use them with kotkeys. I had to press M to cast mage spells, had to press t to talk, etc. I really like the conversation mechanism, by the way. The text that can be clicked is highlighted in different color and it eases the worries I always had a bit of, worry that I was missing important things. I also had a bit of a curiosity. Would it be possible at some point to load up the ot
  12. Ahhh never mind I have verified that it works from old-games. There are some minor glitches when you alt-tab out of the game while playing, so other users beware!
  13. I do not know why that is, sorry that I cannot help. I have a question of my own. I intend to play through Exile again if I can get it to work - are there any sites still up that have BoE scenarios available? Is that even still a thing any more? If not I can always just buy BoA. I have been meaning to for awhile, but haven't bc it isn't sold separately and I already own the trilogy set.
  14. Then I must be too Anyway, back on topic. I actually also would like to replay the original Exile games myself. I have a serious nostalgia kick right now. Does the Old-games package work for everyone? Or do I actually need to run an emulated OS to fulfill this wish? Has anyone gotten it to work on Win8.1?
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