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  1. There is a reason i play these games on Normal and no higher. I love the depth, the madness, the political games, the power gaming, the trial and error. But i like to do *everything* in the game and if i played on a difficulty that was hard id never find time to complete it. I cleared the Beta of G1M as a shaper (Battle/Magic Army) running 7 creations for 75% of the game, but still havent gotten around to Guardian or Agent runs. Not my fault though, guardian was Borked hard until the last strech of the beta and ive had a hard time coming back after that experience. I want to do a run of
  2. Depending on difficulty, it depends a lot on your class/skill spread. As a shaper on normal i managed to clear nearly half the game areas relying on a large army and low shaping skills mostly pumping leadership/mechanics. You hit major Lead/Mech areas first for exp, i did do a bit of blessing magic because having those spells goes a long way. My first 3-4 levels was pure mech/leadership. You can earn a lot of extra exp with those stats. Once i had the mech/lead goals i wanted i was pumping extra essence/creation skills. 4x Searing Artilla and 3x battle alphas are extremely effective i
  3. The teir 3 creations arent crazy high level, you could probably handle one as a shock troop. Spiral Burrow is
  4. I wouldnt want to spoil strategy too much, but if you can reach pentil you can get a Battle Alpha Canister without practically any risk so long as you have moderately high leadership. its not in pentil though but if you have reached pentil you can reach this area. For anyone absolutely wondering where to get some early Alphas...
  5. Ah. Hadnt played the demo so i thought that area would be included (was that area in the original’s demo?)
  6. You dip the item in, there are 2 items to dip. One i added, one Randomizer added. One pool should be in the demo. I know of 3 pools, dunno if more. An pool cant be used more than once though. And you get both items at the same time.
  7. I havent gotten a chance to use the slap gloves. I made one playthrough as a shaper with my bracers, and i tried to do a guardian (twice, before and after the shaper) but got burnt out with how stupid hard it was on normal and i kept getting, repeatedly, series of misses that technically should have had a sub 1/10000 or less chance of occuring. At one low point i pulled a double quick action triple miss against an enemy with ~5 hp remaining 3 turns in a row and died. Im glad Jeff fixed that evasion bug, i knew something was wrong with accuracy as a guardian but i wasnt one who repo
  8. I added the Helix bracer. Its a nifty item that takes some exploration to make it do anything. Jeff didnt quite hit the vision i had when i first suggested it, but i do like how it turned out. Its main function is shared by another item so you have to choose one or the other really, but the other is really niche (and cool). I just wished it looked like a DNA strand >.< If you know where and how to get it's bonuses effectively it can be very good until you acquire better items for your setup. I know there are some items blatantly better for any melee focused user, as the Bracer is v
  9. Just uploaded 3 more Videos, about 80 minutes to watch. Sorry about the long delay.
  10. Just want to put a update, i havent been able to record but i HAVE figured out how to split and remerge audio. It may be as late as next week before i can record again because I'm changing jobs and adapting to a new schedule.
  11. MP4 is Not compatible with audacity. all the free video editing software i find either add a really ugly water mark, is made for creating things only inside of the editor and not for importing, or is so damn convoluted i cant figure out how to even create a new project (has an entire project tab, no way to create new and apparently doesn't recognize ANY file type) or is is some different language despite the website being english (wtf is up with this) Video tutorial would be so helpful please.
  12. What cheese rook said was something i had already done starting with episode 2 onward. (ep 1 was atrocious audio tbh) On my next video i will try what you mentioned Blxz, Thanks for the tips. Edit: so i managed to split audio sucessfully, and like you said some things (youtube) wont play both tracks. But i can't quite figure out how to fuse the audio tracks. Audacity tells me all the File types OBS records in are unsupported, and importing raw data yields nothing but ear shattering static. I would work on this more but i dont have the time right now.
  13. Be a servile and show those shapers who is the true master.
  14. I actually dont know how to do that, So far ive gotten around background noise by only recording when there is none. My mic Pretty low quality, just a random one i found lying around in the closet tbh.
  15. So i finally got to fiddle with it a little more just now. I had to edit the Output resolution of OBS so instead of 1280*720 im outputting at 1096*616 (this is one of the default built in resolutions OBS recognizes, in fact aything under 1280*720 is weird like this). Weird resolution right? well apparently Youtube and Twitch agree and auto corrected as it gets uploaded so it fills the full screen properly. Youtube even said HEY- UPLOAD IT AT A PROPER RESOLUTION FOR BETTER QUALITY. It works now though. Thanks for that advice.
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