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    Jets 'N' Guns, WoW, LoL, Unreal, B&W, SW games, Dino Crisis 2, Medievil, Duke Nukem MP, Warblade and some others i can't remember ATM.
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    Kill all humans.
  1. Yep, shooting stars and that transformation thingy, I also liked it alot.
  2. Forgot to mention friendly spider village, that could always put a smile on my face
  3. Hello, Please share your best moments here, I'd really like to read them, here are some of mines. Three things that made me happy during the gameplay (there were much more): 1. Feeding the lone woolf near Fort Monastery in Avernum 4 2. Obtaining Reproducing Bulwark in Avadon 1 which spawned bricks in your inventory during combat (meant you were s***ing bricks - "Pop!") 3. Love story in Avadon 2 I also loved having my houses in Avadon 2 cause I could put all my inventory trash there. And defeating a god in Avadon 2 for achievement "A hand fears nothing" which gave me the chil
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