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  1. I made a working item/character editor for my game (based on Jerakeens mods for the first 2 games) and shared it here. You could try changing (or adding to) one of the options on that with your custom items. Just keep in mind that avadon does NOT like more than 8 dialogue options per page, including the option to exit without grabbing anything.
  2. Based on the wonderful work for Avadon 1 and Avadon 2 by Jerakeen here on the forum, I spent about 7 hours today making a version workable in Avadon 3. The editor pops up when you click on the sign next to the trapdoor to the Holding Cells in Camp Nightshade. I couldn't figure out how to make most of the skill ups work, but I got the raising stats, and god party working, and added a few more categories of items to the item editor part of the mod. With this, what you can do is: Add Items: Lockpicks Potions Crystals Wands Scrolls Light Cake Money 500 1000 10000 15000 More Items (Use at your own risk) Scarabs Runestones Charms Totems Weapons and Armor (by class, class specific items only) Quest items (specific to the junk items quests if you're too lazy to go look for 20 pieces of fruit, etc) Raise Stats Lockpicking skill +3 for chars that have lockpicking (just do this once) Raise primary stats by +5 (recommend not to do this more than 3 times total) God Party (defensive bonuses for everyone as it was in Av2 char editor) PLEASE only do this once. Make sure to back up your z0nightshadedlg.txt before replacing it with the new one. DOWNLOAD (mediafire) z0nightshadedlg.txt Credit goes to Jerakeen who made the original editors. All I did was modify them and add items for av3. (I hope posting it is okay, if Jerakeen isn't okay with me doing this I'm cool with the editor being removed. Since I couldn't find one and I was doing this for myself, I figured I share for those others that want a little (or big) boost.)
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