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  1. You can try emailing Jeff politely with the proof of purchase of the steam versions and ask him if he can give you a GOG code so you can get the DRM free versions of the games. But that only makes sense if Steam has some sale going on, otherwise it's just better to buy them on GOG directly.
  2. You can get it to work on a modern computer VERY quickly without having to deal with "windows XP mode". All you have to do is download DOSBOX (I prefer the SVN versions) and then download windows 3.1 from somewhere. There should be a preinstalled zip on 3.1 out there somewhere. Then set DOSBOX for (I think) a SVGA ET4000 (?) adapter by editing the ini config file, then set windows to 1024x768 SVGA (if you use the default adapter it will either say can't load it or will have a garbled screen). After that, set up your soundblaster 1.5 by adding it as a device in windows and exile 3 will work
  3. You need to install windows 3.1 through dosbox. There should be a preinstalled zip floating around. Then you can run exile 3 from there, after setting the VGA to 256 colors and installing the sound blaster 1.5 driver. Funny thing is, on my laptop, exile 3 works perfectly without any sound breakup. But on my desktop, which is much faster, the sound breaks up and lags. Both with clean installations of dosbox.
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