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  1. lol, where is the Libras-squiggles quest? Anyway, luckily I have a saved a back up file before the final buttons are pressed in the end. Does any of you want me to upload it, so you guys can see the ending? I am going to use the editor and land my guys back to Fort. To continue more mission
  2. I have just beaten the game, but I don't get why the ending kept looping. I can't get continue the game anymore? Is there a way to continue playing?
  3. I got it working last night, I found Thralni in my Special Item list. Thanks
  4. I got it working I waste so much time to pass the orb mission but found out that I did not enable it in my Special Item list
  5. There is no "Orb of Thralni" spell, I can't find it in the two cast!!!
  6. Just use the Exile editor to return home because it's faster and saves time.
  7. Hey! How did you reply to me?
  8. Wait...There is no "Orb of Thralni" spell. I think the "Orb of Thralni" is flight spell. I unlocked the Orb of Thralni using Exile editor...but never got it from mission. But anyway, I'll test it out tonight.
  9. Thanks, haha yeah I spent a huge amount of time trying to get it working. I'll try to find and finish off the monster in the centre, hey...what does the monster look like? Just in case I murdered the wrong one?
  10. I have just got to the Golem stage, and my mission was to fly inside a cave to see Drake the dragon. The problem is that whenever I cast the flight spell, you can only fly for 3 steps. But the cave requires 1 more step. So how do I fly more than 3 steps?
  11. Sorry for the late reply, I spent 5 hours trying to get Exile to work on my 64 bit Windows 10. Here's what happened in the last 2 days. I installed virtual box then installed 32 bit Windows 7. The result was fine but Windows inside the virtualbox but could not read USB. So I had to use a DVD disc then clean the DVD disc into storage (that it could be used to store files) format. Then copy the Exile installer and pasted it in the disc...wait for it to burn it in...eject disc...Then open virtual box and inserted my Disc in and finally read it. I was like yes! So I installed it...and when you ge
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