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  1. Quote: Originally written by Arancaytar: EDIT: It's actually not that bad, seeing as he can't be offended by it since he left already. I'll stop anyway if you're so appalled by it. Good.World is now a much nicer place for all of us.Btw,shoulnd't mods be (demi)gods without any other feelings but professional pride,several similar feelings?
  2. Drakey and i have difrent religious beliefs,so this is a prelude to a holy war... Edit Redux:And yes,mocking noobs is worse than mocking Drakey cause Drakey can ban you,noob can't.Mocking noobs is like beating up paralyzed people.both have to rely on someone others help to realy hurt the one who is doing the bad stuff...
  3. it might happen...Drakey forgets to eat,or then he forgets to go to toilet,or then he loses it and starts seeing naked vahnatai and commits suicide... Edit:And Arancaytar,he only asked how to delete his account.Is that bad huh,is that how you treat noobs nowadays,huh?He simply asked a question related to this board. *wants to curse,but resists the urge through a miracle*
  4. Could be your hardware.I had color problems and small problems with animation with my old video hardware.
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