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  1. How I see it in a nutshell: Jeff's writing has been enormously creative and competent over the years, providing a broad range of exciting little scenarios within each adventure game helping us see past the limited graphics engines. It provides a great sense of immersion for me, and frequently going back and forth from notepad in windowed mode would break the spell. I just think it's a bit of a tragic waste to keep throwing away Jeff's journal entry stories when a continuous in-game story flow being fully recorded from beginning to end within each game helps with immersion. I think the P
  2. I neglected to add another important flaw in Spiderweb's journal system aside from space limitations. If you record all dialogue and go back later to delete selected journal entries to free up storage space, all the surviving entries stay in fixed locations (similar to memory pointers in software programming?). The problem occurs when you continue to play after culling out less important journal entries. New journal entries become inserted in the positions where the old ones were deleted, creating a jumbled mess which doesn't come close to resembling a chronological order suitable
  3. Hi Losrandir, thanks for your reply and apologies for the delayed response...but I wanted to think things over a bit. I often wonder why I always insist on setting the absolute hardest difficulty on all the games I've ever played, not just Spiderweb games. Dedication to Jeff V. for me is simply buying his games, donating to his Kickstarters, etc. I could just as easily enjoy his in-game stories on Casual setting as I would Torment. I'm not exactly sure why I insist on Torment all the time. Sometimes people tell me I am "quite hard on myself" so playing the toughest diff
  4. --I don't mind the realism of no quest markers. Bring on the adventure! --Trudging back and forth to sell excess loot is still OK with me. By far my biggest complaint about Spiderweb games is the limited journal space. I like journaling EVERYTHING so I can re-read later for clues or simply immerse myself in Jeff's great storytelling. Great stories should be savored, not thrown in the trash. The limited journal space makes me feel like a distressed hoarder constantly pressed to a decision on what treasured literary baubles to throw out. The part I despise is when
  5. This post is mostly a despairing one at the demands of adulthood and daily survival... Ever since I was a child finding a mysterious Dungeons and Dragons module B2 'Keep on the Borderlands' in my dad's closet (he NEVER played D&D and I have NO idea how it ended up in his closet), I fell in love with RPG's. Not much of a leap for me to be enthralled at Jeff's games. I absolutely L-O-V-E & adore ALL of Jeff's games. I own every single one of them. I have never come close to finishing any of them. I refuse to play any difficulty except Torment ('difficulty fetishist' as J
  6. I wish there were more consequences for stealing "NY" items in Spiderweb games. Maybe even subtle effects such as a karma or conscience meter which alters your dialogue options later in game, or even a hidden Avadon Eye spying on you without your knowing and causing trouble for you later if you steal regularly.
  7. I never found encumbrance effects described at all in the Avadon manual. One of the few important things Jeff might have overlooked, especially since slight encumbrance can be a worthwhile armor strategy as Randomizer explained.
  8. It appears the moderators removed all the really old posts in the thread I was responding to and left my post all alone on its own. By itself my post looks a bit out of context, so just to clarify things my post was not intended to be a thread starter.
  9. Apologies for necro'ing this six year old thread, but it was the only relevant one to what was on my mind. I don't feel bad about killing the wretches for farmer Halrik because the Kva watch guards nearby explicitly asked the Hands to remove any wretches and wolves, not to mention that Avadon promised to protect Pact members from incursions by Farlanders & all the people in Goldcrag mentioning how the wretch problem has worsened nearby. My conscience was really cleansed when Wolfrider Prozz threw me a "raspberry" after telling him he can't steal if he wants to stay.
  10. I second what grimmader said. Heroes of Steel and Templar Battleforce (Trese Brothers games) are both good turn-based RPG's with nice storylines and deep combat strategy requiring skill synergies to make a group work well together on harder difficulties. There's also a Nightmare-level leaderboard with scoring based on game progress & resource efficiency if you feel competitive. Heroes of Steel is standard RPG setting while Templar is sci-fi RPG.
  11. Randomizer: Thanks for your quick and thoughtful reply. I am still trying to decide on something a bit unconventional and fun for Torment aside from the cookie cutter Blademaster and Shadow, but if I am going for Steam achievements (a couple of achievements involve not dying) it might be prudent to take your advice and skip the Shaman. Your post is convincing me to try the Sorceress, instead. Also, I should point out that one of the Steam achievements requires only bringing one Hand with you at all times, so this makes it even tougher for Shamans.
  12. I have tried to do as much spoiler-free research on Avadon 1 as possible regarding classes and skills. I wanted a good Torment challenge that still takes in as much lore as possible and unlocks all doors possible (even at a higher lockpick cost). If I play a Shaman (the least desirable class), will I still have enough lockpicks for the solo areas? Is there a skill layout for Shamans that can salvage the most fun possible out of this sub-par class on Torment? Thanks for taking the time to respond.
  13. Necris Omega wrote: "When I throw out the term "mortal existence" I'm not being flowery. All physics pretty much agree that universe itself is dying, and will inevitably die. It might freeze, it might get dissolved, it might implode, or something otherwise utterly insane may happen, but it won't be here indefinitely. We who are dying are in good company. And bad company. And all the company. What comes next? Everything will find out eventually." One serious exception comes to mind: If death is really the complete cessation of all experience forever, we wouldn't ever be able to kno
  14. Well, I'm humbly pleased as punch that my simple one-line posting provoked so much thought from Dept. of Analogic Affairs and Necris Omega. Fascinating reading from you both! Thank you
  15. Can I choose to live forever? The idea of dying scares me because there may not be an afterlife at all, just oblivion and the maw of eternally not knowing anything at all (hope this isn't the case, but....)
  16. I received an email a couple days ago from Lord Vogel himself regarding the journal limits issue (pretty sure it was him): "Thanks for the suggestion! This might be a quick fix. I'll look into it and see if it's possible for Avadon 3." Awesome! This is all I could possibly ask for. The personal attention from Jeff aside from his busy schedule was greatly appreciated even if the improvement cannot be done. Thanks Mr. Vogel!
  17. The Almighty Doer of Stuff: The more I read your current plight regarding your living arrangements along with being overwhelmed by mental anguish, the more I feel like suggesting taking smaller, more simple steps to improve things. Physically moving to another address is a BIG stressor all its own, and trying to move to an entirely different country only adds to the complications. My instincts suggest that you consider taking it easy and think about what small and simple steps you can take to improve your living situation first before graduating on to more complex undertakings such as
  18. The first countries that popped into my head were the Scandinavian countries (Norway, Sweden, Finland) and good 'ole Canada. I do not know which of the Canadian provinces would be the most liberal, yet as a bonus you wouldn't be too far from Massachusetts, Canadians speak English with a smattering of French, and the healthcare system is good. Canada seems like a good starting point with secondary options in Europe. As an aside, I would feel weary of moving to Central America (Belize). High rates of homicide and property crime.
  19. I think I remember Jeff writing in an old "Bottom Feeder" blog entry that he had a serious, perhaps even life-threatening medical issue to deal with in his late teens. I say this with seriousness: It might have made him grow older faster than most people (even if only in spirit) and made him hyper-sensitive towards his limited time on Earth. On a lighter, more RPG'ish note...aren't programming and game design "wizards" with beards grumpy by nature once in a while in their stone mage towers?
  20. Hyena of Ice: Thanks for letting me know why Mr. Vogel may not be able to raise or remove the journal entry storage limit. I am leisurely savoring Avadon I at the moment, and I can confirm the limit there is 200 entries. This supports your 8-digit binary explanation. Maybe we'll get lucky and the limit will be raised to 250? I also checked the dlg files you mentioned, and I discovered exactly what you were talking about. Some of the files were very messy, and I started to see minor spoilers along the way so I decided to close everything again until a later time. Your explanation also answe
  21. Goldengirl: I'd be very afraid of using text dumps even if able to do so. I haven't ventured very far into Spiderweb's games yet and the risk of massive spoilage would be high for me. I do feel like I am burning down a classic library of great adventure stories with these journal record deletions. I've never, ever encountered a PC game that forced me to destroy well-written lore. I submitted an email to Spiderweb support as per Lilith's suggestion. My hopes are low given how busy Mr. Vogel must be finishing Avadon, etc.
  22. Lilith: I wasn't aware of the situation as you currently described it. I will try out your suggestion, thanks!
  23. Lilith: It's certainly a functional idea in a crunch, but it would remove the immersive feel of the game for me. I suppose in the end I am just wishing for more (or even unlimited) journal record space. I can tolerate culling through junk inventory to throw out, but the journal culling really kills it for me. It feels like I am forced to tear up good adventure stories and throw them in the trash. Part of the fun of good adventuring for me is re-reading past heroics in detail sometimes to keep everything an authentic story throughout. Having a list of already completed quests wit
  24. I've been completely won over by Lord Vogel's masterpiece collection of games. The writing is great, and I really enjoy collecting the lore by pressing the "RECORD" button in the journal a LOT! I am a journal entry hoarder, but I keep running out of space and having to constantly cull out the less important entries when I really don't want to. It makes the games less fun for me when I would like to have a huge walking library of recorded adventure sights and dialogue. Any possible way to expand journal entry storage space? Thanks in advance.
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