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  1. There's always the old favorite from Exile III. Hold down Shift and press 7890. ~Andromeda
  2. Two questions. 1. Where can I find greymold? I've looked in all the caves I can think of. Am I missing it? 2. Where can I find the independence ale to get Simms drunk? Independence City seems the logical answer, but I've looked all over and can't find it. Thanks ~Andromeda
  3. Pole weapons are, of course, the most powerful, however, I think they're overrated. The most powerful pole weapon I've found is the magic halberd (damage 18-5). However, it's a two-handed weapon which, in my opinion, is an unforgivable disadvantage. My primary blade fighter (ambidextrous) has a flaming sword (10-1) and a cold bloodbane (20-5), giving me an overall max damage of 30-6, plus the flame damage from the flaming sword. Beats the magic halberd. Furthermore, if you miss with a halberd, you miss. With two weapons, if you miss with one weapon you still have another chance. Bashing weapons are fine, but not as numerous as the edged weapons. The most powerful bashing weapon I've found is the brightstar(damage 9-5). When making scenarios, people just aren't as likely to make cool bashing weapons. So for my fighters I'm all about ambidextrous edgers. ~Andromeda
  4. I found the use of the word "best" confusing in the wording of this poll. Best what? Best fighters? Best friends? Best dressed? Arbitrary values aside, the vahnatai are the most interesting. And they like shiny things so they can't be too bad. ~Andromeda
  5. In the Frigid Cave, I've opened the first three doors (though I have to admit I have no idea how I opened them) but I can't get the last door open no matter what I try. Help? ~Andromeda
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