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  1. Kill Bob!


    You start the scenario - supposed to meet Bob and get your scenario instructions. But Bob is dead of natural causes when you arrive.


    So you have to figure out what to do on your own.


    Break the Ugly Bob Syndrome (UBS)!

  2. I can and will set one up if the need exists. The idea, of course, is to provide a 1-stop shop for all your scripting needs.


    So, what should this DB consist of? How do we divide the scripts up? Monster, town, what else?


    What type of criteria should we have for a script? Commented, uncommented, etc.?


    Let's discuss how this should look and work. laugh

  3. Quote:
    Originally written by Morgan:
    Presumably this forum's existance means that BoA's release is fairly imminent (within the next couple of weeks, at most).

    There's no question that BoA's editor will dwarf BoE in terms of power and features, but the question lies in by how much.

    Oh, and I'm offering 2 to 1 odds on Pygmalion being better then BoA.
    Pyg can only be better if it's finished.
  4. When you call up this dialog, you should see a 10 down by 3 across grid of fields. The 1st column is for the town number. The second is for the x value of the SDF flag, the third is for the Y value of the SDF.


    On my windows machine, the last two Y values do not appear. Thus, I cannot use or even close the dialog - it insists on a value in these two non-existant fields. I have to kill BoE and re-start.


    I have re-installed BoE from the CD, but the problem persists.


    Any suggestions?

  5. I just added a Radeon 7000 video board to my PC, and all seems well with all apps - except BoE. In BoE, whenever you do a "Get," the characters at the bottom of the screen are distorted, and certain items are as well -for example staffs. Colors are way off, and a white mask appears behind the object.


    Anyone have any suggestions?

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