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  1. Quests of the Spheres - The Singing Weapons - Singing Sword, Singing Halberd, Singing Mace (a throwing weapon that returns!)


    You can also get these in the High-Level party maker that comes with Destiny of the Spheres - no need to play the scenario itself.


    Of course - these are realistic weapons, not "god-sized."

  2. My suggestion to Jeff - made many times - is to just bundle BoE with BoA as an extra. Offer no support for it (they really don't offer any now, so no loss there), and bundle the source w/it.


    I can't see anyone losing with this scheme, though I'm sure Jeff would argue otherwise!

  3. I'll be a way starting later today for a week, and my e-mail will be inactive. So, please do continue with your reviews for Alex, but if you hold them and send them as a batch say the Saturday after next, it would be much appreciated.

  4. Thanks to djurx, I was able to include these rankings in Alex. You can search on them, sort by rankings, etc. Combined with the Alex ratings, it's a great way to see how scenarios rank.


    But we need MORE! Please go to Alex and submit a short review. Please post a review in the CSR.


    Who knows - maybe I'll put all current Spiderweb ratings into Alex next!

  5. Quote:
    Originally written by ben4808:
    I suppose you mean, "Keep making more scenarios."
    Yes. Is that phrase really so old that people don't automatically understand it? I'm going back to the retirement village!
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