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  1. Quote: Originally written by Shyguy: I can't open a .sit file! Don't think any Windows users can. Give me a break! I give up. ------------------------------------------------- I think PC users can download an unstuffit utility. See http://www.stuffit.com for more info. But Spiderweb should be using ZIP. It works on both platforms.
  2. I have to receive the reviews and manually add them to the site. Sometimes this is a quick process, sometimes not - it depends on my workload.
  3. Not quite sure what your question is, but to see reviews you have to select the "Detailed Info" checkbox before starting a search.
  4. Alex has many more reviews. Enjoy!
  5. I had trouble with this as well. Having to try the several possible combos is a pain. Maybe a list of ingredients in the kitchen listed in the desired order would lend a good clue to the player?
  6. Quests of the Spheres - The Singing Weapons - Singing Sword, Singing Halberd, Singing Mace (a throwing weapon that returns!) You can also get these in the High-Level party maker that comes with Destiny of the Spheres - no need to play the scenario itself. Of course - these are realistic weapons, not "god-sized."
  7. My suggestion to Jeff - made many times - is to just bundle BoE with BoA as an extra. Offer no support for it (they really don't offer any now, so no loss there), and bundle the source w/it. I can't see anyone losing with this scheme, though I'm sure Jeff would argue otherwise!
  8. I'll be a way starting later today for a week, and my e-mail will be inactive. So, please do continue with your reviews for Alex, but if you hold them and send them as a batch say the Saturday after next, it would be much appreciated.
  9. I could double the SW scores when they're shown, maybe like 4.4(8.8) for example, or something like that. What would make the most sense to someone viewing it? And should it even be done? I could also create an average score based on the three review #s. Is it worth it?
  10. Once again, djurx comes through! Alex is now a 1-stop shop!
  11. If someone can provide me with an updated list in the format I need, I can update every two weeks or so. One reason I waited till now to do this was, with the contest, most scenarios have enough entries that their score is fairly stable. It will still change, but not as much. I hope.
  12. Thanks to djurx, I was able to include these rankings in Alex. You can search on them, sort by rankings, etc. Combined with the Alex ratings, it's a great way to see how scenarios rank. But we need MORE! Please go to Alex and submit a short review. Please post a review in the CSR. Who knows - maybe I'll put all current Spiderweb ratings into Alex next!
  13. I know this won't translate directly, but check out "Making the party dependent on some Substance" at the 1st Annual BoE Programming Contest . The logic might give you some ideas.
  14. Quote: Originally written by ben4808: I suppose you mean, "Keep making more scenarios." Yes. Is that phrase really so old that people don't automatically understand it? I'm going back to the retirement village!
  15. Submit your scenario to Alex today! See the web site listed below.
  16. Now matches Spiderweb's as of 7/15/04. Enjoy!
  17. Quote: Originally written by The Bard: Thanks, Void Master. Yes, I tried that address first thing. The message bounced. How recently was it that it worked for you? It's several years old.
  18. Did you try wendyben@idt.net If not, give that a shot - last e-mail I had from Ben Frank.
  19. I don't understand your reasoning. Use the Lyceum Scenario Review section to pick the ones you want to play - ignore the rest. Unless your goal is to play ALL the scenarios out there. In that case, good luck!
  20. Quote: Originally written by Tristrana of the Misterhood: ..mind me playing around with the pic a bit, Brett? Go for it!
  21. Well, I'm sure no Luz or Tim, but if some of you are looking for some graphics: Brett\'s BoE Graphic Archive.
  22. For what it's worth: here\'s the link to the graphic. Is is too dark on my home PC. On my work one, looks fine. Looks OK on a Mac as well. And Erika is SUPPOSED to be bright - she's holding a light globe, for Pete's sake!
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