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  1. Thanks to the efforts of Kelandon, Gizmo, Tonweya, Drakefyre, and yours truly, Alex is now up to date, containing 298 scenarios!


    But, we still have a long way to go. Many scenarios listed in Alex have only the barest of information. So, look in the near future for an announcement of a "Fill-in-the-blanks" contest, where contestants will try to supply the missing data for a scenario (like outdoor sections, author emails, etc.).


    We only have one prize so far - Drakefyre has agreed to give the winner a customized title on the Spiderweb boards!


    Please try out the new Alex and let me know if you run into any problems.

  2. Quote:
    Originally written by Frankie Vallium:
    Oooooh!!! I love the nebula- and the pillars are fantastic. The green and purple really set one another off. The cobblestone bridge is also preferable to the shoddy-looking wooden one.


    Now finish the damn thing! ;_;
    TM - Please don't swear.
  3. Those are two different links, so they can't be combined. It does raise a question I have - Sometimes when I come here, the # of scenarios in a column change, so one column is noticably longer than another. Nothing in code was changed, and the width of the browser window is the same, so I'm stumped as to why this would happen.


    Anyone else notice this?

  4. Also, if you go to Alexandria and check the "Detailed Info" checkbox, when you do a search, you will see a list of attributes for each scenario:


    A = Amateurish.

    B = Buggy.

    C = Complex - not for new players.

    D = Design is excellent.

    E = Epic-like in size, scope.

    F = Fighting is overused.

    G = Graphics customized are excellent.

    P = Puzzles & logical challenges.

    R = Rewards balanced for quest difficulty.

    S= Storyline is excellent.

    T = Spelling and/or grammar errors.

    X = Adult content, concepts.


    This may help you pick the type of scenario you like to play.

  5. It really doesn't matter to me who does it - but it should be only one person - otherwise what happened will happen again. I only update this periodically, or when somebody bugs me.


    I'll keep doing it for now.


    As long as we're on the subject, any suggestions for change/improvement, anyone?

  6. OK - we need to decide on who edits this. I always go back to a copy on my machine - I didn't know anyone else was editing this.


    I'm sorry I deleted things. I'm also very happy to turn this task over to you, Drakefyre.


    I'll send you the Forum info and picts, in case you want to post them on your site & link to them - doesn't make sense to link to my site for this if you are maintaining all else.

  7. I'll update Alex if you send me the info. If you can send me the scenario name and the download loc at a minimum, great. Maybe I'll build a second download location into Alex - pointing you your site. Plus whatever else you may have gathered. I'll also send you all the Alex info should you ever want to run with it.


    I don't think you really need a DB - just a way to show the info as needed. The # of BoE scenarios is small enough you can browse through them without the need for a DB.


    I've been waiting for someone to do this!

  8. Quote:
    Originally written by Formerly I:
    Originally written by The Archmagi:
    [qb]Watch out though, ...

    "What's in your wallet?"
    "My money, you goddamn freak! Stop asking me!"
    As funny as your sig is, swearing is out on this forum. Please change it. guldarn, gosh darn, stupid, etc. are some alternatives.
  9. My hope here is to provide an avenue for expression for non-technical people with good story ideas.


    It's also a way to keep the community moving forward, trying new things.


    IMO - Without a contest, people will never commit the time it takes to storyboard a decent scenario.


    If you really want to write scenarios, you better be humble and open to criticism.


    Is this for timid people? No.

  10. Great stuff!


    I don't think a scanner is critical, but it might help if you hand draw maps. In that case, a scanner or a digital camera would help.


    Otherwise, why not just use a free drawing program to create an electronic copy? No need to be fancy - this is about communication of ideas, not artwork.


    Keep them idears comin!

  11. We do get rough scenario ideas from time to time and we do (as a community) comment upon them. That's a good thing.


    What I'm thinking of is the next step - you take an idea and storyboard it. The storyboard should be complete enough that anyone could take it and program it. It doesn't have to be BoE or BoA specific. The storyboard should include at least:


    1. The plot

    2. The characters

    3. The dialog

    4. The towns and their layout

    5. The outdoors and its layout.

    6. The various subplots, sidequests, etc. that push the main plot forward.


    There's probably more than that, and the amount of detail needed for some areas is open to discussion, but hopefully this gives you a better idea.

  12. This is a cross-post in several places - you'll understand why when you read it....


    We have a lot of people out there with good story ideas that will never develop a scenario. Not enough time, lack of programming skills, etc.


    What about a contest where people designed a storyboard for a scenario? You know, the pencil & paper stuff, like the story, the dialog, descriptions of the land and cities, etc.


    The best of these could be turned into scenarios by those authors that have the programming abilities at a later date.


    While those of us in the community right now would probably not enjoy playing these scenarios as much as one who never read the "script," future members of the community would greatly benefit.


    It might also inspire a writer to go the extra step and actually program the darn thing!


    It also may help existing authors who "storyboard as they go," giving them a new way to approach scenario development.


    Obviously we need to flesh this out if you think it's a good idea.



  13. Quote:
    Originally written by Kelandon:
    Looking at them a little closer, I suppose they're not bad, as far as these things go. They're usable.

    I suppose I ought to send a list of graphics that malfunction or are blurry. I'll work on that at some point.
    I can add this info to the comments section of the DB. What we really need is an up-front page that explains how to submit graphics so this doesn't happen at all. Anyone want to write one? I'll post it if you do. Telling people how to save a lossless JPG should be included.

    Also, if anyone has a program/method that let's me EASILY scan a submission for bogus pixels, let me know. Generally I just accept a graphic as is and post it.
  14. Quote:
    Originally written by Archmagi Micael:
    Originally written by Kelandon:

    EDIT: Now they have fuzz around them. Gah, time to load the graphic up and take out the noise as best I can.

    I swear, when I get a graphic off the Louvre and it actually works right away, I feel incredibly lucky.
    Just email the original author of the person who made the pictures, and ask them for a... whatever is high quality and compatibile with yours. I mean, the louvre could at least use High Qualitry JPEGs!

    As you might see, I had this problem myself!

    - Archmagi Micael
    I do accept JPGs at the Louvre.
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