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  1. Hello, I am using an older PC Running XP with 512K of Ram probably not enough. Anyways, I downloaded the game, started playing it then bought it. It was Avernum Escape from the Pit, the new one oops. I got the game registered and continued playing it. I finished quite a few of the quests. I had spent over ten hours playing over almost a week. Then I came back in the morning and found the game was no longer registered. I entered the registration key and found there were no saved files. I think I was more than half way finished with the game. I had four save files which I was using plus the autosave. Now it is completely blank. There are two user accounts, on both of them, the results are exactly the same. All the save files have disappeared. What might the save files look like if I searched for them.
  2. Hello, I just bought the Avernum Escape from the Pit game, all of my save files disappeared and I had to reregister. I am not sure why. I had played for a while then suddenly all the save files disappeared and I had to reenter my registration key. Can someone help me find my original save files.
  3. Get more mechanics to open all the doors. It worked for me. I have a challenge who here was able to get the mental charm in the repository during the demo. Try and get the charm while playing the demo, first ten sections only. It took me quite a while. No cheating. (I am playing on normal...)
  4. I finished reading The Caryatids by Bruce Sterling. It is a near future science fiction novel set around 2060 set in a world gone mad with climate change, pollution, refugees, brush fire wars, and out of control technology. The central characters are four cloned women. The book came out on February 24, 2009.
  5. The last thing I read was Starliner by David Drake on the Baen Free Library. http://www.webscription.net/10.1125/Baen/0671721216/0671721216.htm
  6. I think the items with the most clashing color schemes are the best ones. The most powerful items tend to be have the most unique colors. The charms are also nice.
  7. I have been reading Ian Bank's Matter, it is part of the culture series. I am enjoying it a great deal. It just came out in February 2008
  8. If you can't defeat him wait til towards the end. He is not hard to beat.
  9. I have arisen from the toaster freshly buttered on a clean white china plate. Behold I am reading The Wood Wife by Terri windling. It is a Mythopoeic award winning book. I have Neil Gaiman's Stardust waiting to read, I intend to read the book, then immediately watch the film afterward.
  10. They are gone from our world, but there is nothing stopping us from going there if we find the keys to going to fairyland for some reason. There are after all multiple versions, the French and English fairyland is very different than the Celtic one. Maybe someone is invading fairyland and bringing stuff back to take care of an issue the Saxons had some pretty mean stuff when they conquered the angles. They don't come here, but we go there, that is what happens in the fairytales after the celts. Not only that, but the church doesn't like you going there, neither do the fairies like you visiting.
  11. Hmm, this may have been hacked to death, but why not a medieval style nethergate, however instead of using the celtic stuff, using the blue fairy books, the red fairy books, and the old animal tales. You might run into Reinard the Fox, Puss In Boots, Jack, Tom O' Thumb, and other characters. You could also have trolls under bridges, sheep and cow stealing giants and all the classic tropes. You could use a lot of themes in this, the end of the old critters in England and Ireland, the introduction of the church, and a few other things.
  12. That was kind of fun. What do you do with the two dragon scales if you are a Roman? One for killing the dragon, the other found behind Reptrakos hall? I could enter the first two sections of the Hall of the Lamp, but not the third section as Romans. How do I get into the third part? I thought the spirit in the hedge maze was going to give me some clippers to escape. It just says you can leave now. It would have been better if he gave you some magical hedge clippers to escape.
  13. I've found getting the haste potion early and being able to make haste potion changes the balance towards the beginning of the game. Having haste potions on your primary fighter and healer can make a lot of the earlier encounters a lot easier. This is especially true for the Romans. The other trick is to be very methodical in searching for secret doors earlier on so you get more fat loot which translates into a better early party.
  14. If anything, I found the Roman party to be too easy. Start off by using those six points immediately in the beginning which are not used initially. Did you search through the town first and take everything. Anything that is loose should be taken and sold immediately to buy better equipment.
  15. I don't like the way potions and items are split up. Using the control key and mouse together is awkward. It is too easy to make mistakes.
  16. Yay, Jeff has really done it this time, with a dry spell, Jeff has knocked out two indies with no other fantasy indie competition in site. Go Jeff. Maybe he will knock out three games Geneforge 4, Avernum 5, and Nethergate Resurrection before the other independents make it to market. There have been delays in Eschalon Book 1 by basilisk games, AOD-- Age of Decadence, and one other game that is independent, Looking Glass or something like that. This really shows initiative. I congratulate him, and hope Nethergate Resurrection is really good.
  17. Nothing like a little cryoa in clogs and a nice polka dot apron.
  18. Heh, nothing like a rotgroth in a hot pink dress and heels. Especially that rotgroth who chases you around that underground laboratory. It thinks you are so cute that you have to beat it with a sword to leave you alone.
  19. Shaped Fiber Cloak is the cloak you use to make the perfected cloak. The middle word is what confuses people.
  20. You can do a hasted run past Shaftoe if you do it right. Then you can go kill all the servant minds and summoners. Kill the servant mind first to stop it from summoning. This eliminates the summoned creatures. Then do hit and run on Shaftoe until he is dead. Leave the golem alone.
  21. Oozing Blade with runed amethyst-- extra acid effect is my favorite in the game. It doesn't do the most damage, but it is cool.
  22. In Geneforge 5 we get to get past the Turabi gates into inner shaper lands. In Geneforge 6 we get to first finish Terrestria, then go back to Sucia for the final showdown... The map would be massive over 100 sections... enough to drive Jeff mad.
  23. When I killed the sentinels, I turned off four power spires. The Titan went through two phases not three. Check to make sure that you turned off all the power spires.
  24. Maybe you will become powerful enough to decide what happens in the end. Trakovite, Shaper, Rebel, or You as the number one faction. It would be very cool if you could become powerful enough to take over in the end pushing aside the rebels and shapers.
  25. I don't want to see Rebel or Shaper victory, I want to see Khryk raise a child of one of the Geneforged-- it would be cool to show that geneforging is inheritable to lead his/her armies in the destruction of the rebels and the shapers. What would be cool is that you wouldn't look like one of the glow in the dark mad canisters users but would probably be just as powerful.
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