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  1. Just tested it. Looks like it works with anything other then a number. So if I make 'get item' the 'v' key, it works. If i try to bind it as '3' it doesn't.
  2. Hey there - I've played most of the Spiderweb games up until this point and never had this issue. I have a Razer Naga mouse that has numbered buttons (1 through 12) on the side. I always remap them so I never really have to use the keyboard, especially the inventory button since you are always checking the inventory to see if there's something on the ground. Atm while it lets me 'remap', it doesn't actually work EXCEPT for button number 9. Makes no sense. I don't use any of the razor software or any additional software or anything like that. It doesn't work when I use the keyboard either
  3. Ok, thanks for the advice! I wasn't sure if it affected turrnts and summons, so that sounds like a really fun way to play then. And thanks for the tip as well. Although that seems a little counter-intuitive that raising it more wouldn't help.
  4. Hi all! So I just picked up Avadon 2 off of GoG, and I have a question about a build, on if it makes sense or not (I am playing on hard, I suppose that matters ) So my main is a BM. I really like the idea of him being a buff bot, making a bee line to the top right portion of his tree, to get the buff that gives everyone extra attacks. Then using a shaman and tinker, specizliing in summons and turrents respectivly. My question is do the summons and the turrents get the bonus from my blademaster buffs? If so, it really seems like a fun route to go if you are into this kinda play style (which I
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