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  1. I am the boss at Bioware and I play nothing but Jeff Vogal games.
  2. According to the support page there is supposed to be a directX version of the game within the game folder. It's not there. Has anyone a clue to whom it was that stole it?
  3. Avernum EFTP: 31939438 Latest GOG build. win 10 - 64 bit using the DirectX exe. Most times when you click the arrow icon to close the main map, your mouse stops working. Tested this 5 times in a row with same result.
  4. I have bought 'Escape from the pit' on steam and on GoG, and now I would like to install it on my kindle fire. Will I need to buy it a third time, or is there some sort of code or way of can play it on my Fire without having to purchase it t again?
  5. Garfield was a cat, and the name Garzahd sort of reminded me of that event. I'm not saying that the cats name was Garfield, I have no idea what it's name was, although I did name the bin 'cat dispenser' which I thought appropriate. Sorry, a little of topic there.
  6. I once found a cat in a dustbin and gave it a name.
  7. It's the first room really, where you are taking close notice and your character goes to great lengths to explain how lonely he is. And how he wonders if he will ever set eyes on a human face again, and how he craves human company once more. Meanwhile his mates are looking at him like he is daft in the head. This is not a complaint, more a observation, the game is fantastic and really draws you in, so-much-so that it is easy to pick up on these types of things.
  8. Whaaa! stopit, I'm scared enough as it is. I was just reading about Spiderweb, and it looks like the Avadon series concentrates more on character relations. I guess this is where the two stories/games differ. You know, I think I might buy those as well, if they are as good as this one I wants them.
  9. Okay, but it should say you, and three other bedraggled people are thrown in the pit alone to face whatever, you know? Make some sort of reference to the fact that they are there. Seeing how the story telling is quite in-depth, I thought this to be a pretty big flaw.
  10. Hi, I am new to the game, but really liking it so far. On starting the game you are thrown into the pit and the text says that you are all alone, yet, you have 3 companions with you. How come your 3 companions are not accountable? It sort of throws the story out, right from the start. Followed up by a question. Can you import your characters from one episode to the next?
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