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  1. Because I'm very upset at the lack of respect that these #gamergate trolls are showing towards my friends and I. I happen to be trans myself. Have you considered asking him why he has a problem making coherent posts? I equate this to the man screaming at the Mexican people working at McDonald's because they can't understand his thick redneck accent. I'm very upset. There was nothing "friendly" about Kelandon's post.
  2. What part of that was a dig at trans people? And for all we know, Earth Empires could be a kind foreigner attempting to improve his English through communicating with others on this forum. He could also be mentally disabled. I think it's very rude to call people out on their grammar and sentence structure, and it's very triggering to me. Kelandon went right ahead and called Earth Empires annoying, hard to read, and "below an appropriate standard." I am offended by this.
  3. Ayyyy the man is clearly ESL, stop triggering you cis-privileged mod!
  4. So I don't get called for criticizing without contributing: Two question/comments: 1.) Is everyone on the internet a brony now or are you guys just being ironic? 2.) A heart turned on a winding wheel. . . has the best desktop and is clearly the funnest person to hang out with. That dust-off ain't just for clearing vents!
  5. I'm curious if scryable things such as morale and health factor into successful captures, i.e. does it actually help to beat the crap out of a monster before attempting Soul Capture? I always thought it did, but I'm not sure.
  6. lol that sounds like a bit more effort than I want to go through to play a 20 year old game. Tried a few free software magnifiers but they're all bound to the mouse, so, no go. I might just run it through a TV.
  7. I apologize if this has already been answered elsewhere, went back about 5 pages in the exile forum then got tired of looking. I'm playing exile 2 atm through virtualbox running XP, and was just wondering if anyone has figured out any good tricks for making the actual play window a bit larger. I loved these games as a kid and wanted to play through again but I feel like my eyeballs are going to fall out from trying to focus on that tiny section of the screen. Thanks in advance! P.S. Awesome to see that Spiderweb has a somewhat-flourishing community around it! For years I thought th
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