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  1. A simple question: How many unique powers/abilities can you assign? I feel like I read the answer somewhere, but I can't seem to find it again. Ok I found it lol. You get 4 customs.
  2. This thread is going to start out in a very very infant stage of my scenario. I will post updates on scripts, art, and maps finished. Currently I am working on all the terrain, sprites, floors, and items that will be included. Before I begin working on the maps themselves, I figured it would be best to have all the graphics I intend to use be added. My goal is to keep the "look" of the game the same, but to add enough so players feel they are not just going through the same old... I've gathered together almost every graphic I could find from every scenario and website linked t
  3. Is it normal though that during cut scenes if you try to click anywhere the game crashes? It happened twice during your scenario when I thought the cut scene was done, so I clicked somewhere and the game freezes and I have to restart. I don't think it is your scripting, but rather Blades issue.
  4. I am fine without the extra story in beginning. I just needed to play a little further. Yeah I use the magic non-stop. It's not horribly hard, but enough where I lose a character every so often when it is multi-targeted. Btw , great use of the scripts.
  5. Wow, this is a hard scenario and it is far from what I was expecting. I went in imagining a standard avernum game, but once I changed my mentality on that. It is like a side story. Now I am in the heart of the mountain....frickin hard. I love hard fights so I keep getting drawn back into it. I want to finish the story, but I need to go to work. I will attempt this again later. I want to find out where I am and what this island is.
  6. lol read my last post. I thought I was playing yours, but I wasn't. So ignore the golem stuff and everything else. Today I was playing around on your scenario(the correct one). I like how you start out in the beginning with your parents and the "sensitive" cut scenes. The descriptions of the widow to the east was really nice. It painted a picture of this woman trying to be happy, but holding back a long sadness. The siblings in the very start was fun too :-) Ok, so since you are starting out in your home land. Would you be willing to add a bit more to the island? Like maybe a c
  7. Haha, I wasn't playing magic. I started a different custom one. Time to try Magic :-)
  8. Kelandon , are you still working on this scenario? If so, I just started it. I really like it a lot. I am new to this game all together, so I wanna give an outsider's perspective. I like the story line so far. The first town, I think maybe add a few worthless items to the crates and barrels in the inn, and maybe some worthless books in the library. I was very sad when I searched around and found nothing of interest. It felt kinda neglected. On the positive note; the environment, personalities and the conversations were really nice. I am too low level to beat the first golems. I th
  9. What if I define them differently? Could that change them? I wanna get rid of that dirt cliff lol. :-) I will test it later. Also does my pc "0" stay pc "0" even when I change the position of the characters? I really hope so. But anyways, if anyone knows instantly let me know. Otherwise I can test it tomorrow. Btw. A little about me. I am on a 3 monthish vacation in Hawaii on the big island. I actually have more time when at home in Maine. Should be back home in the next month or so. Oh and one last thing. The terrain, (n)pcs, items, and floors that the community have
  10. This is why I love having a discussion thread. Yeah I found a way to make it look like you are waist deep in water. Looks awesome. I think I will eventually make a sick looking swamp tile. :-) I adjusted the terrain height and also made it so when players step on it they drop down a few pixels. So it appears like you sink down into the water. I am having such a great time working on this scenario. I tried to do some searching. Cliff images....can I set different ones for outside? Or can I only have one official one?
  11. Is there a way to make a terrain painted over the pc/npcs? I read a few articles, but I wasn't sure exactly how to make it so the player is not on top of it.
  12. Alright, I got another one for you. Is there any possible way to check if a tile is water or not? I think the answer is no, but I didn't know if someone had a secret. :-)
  13. This is probably a no; but can you change a pc's sprite image at any point in the game? Also can you change a monster's image without loading a new monster in it's place?
  14. // basicnpc.txt // A very simple, naive text. Creature attacks anything it hates nearby. // Once it has won, it returns to its home. // Memory Cells: // Cell 0 - How creature moves. // 0 - If 0, wander randomly. // 1 - Stands still until a target appears. // 2 - Completely immobile, even if target appears. // Cell 1,2 - Stuff done flag. If both 0, nothing. Otherwise when this // is killed, set to 1. (Example: If cell 1 is 3 and cell 2 is 5, when // creature is killed, sets SDF(3,5) to 1.) // Cell 3 - Dialogue node to start with if talked to. if left at 0, this // character doesn't talk.
  15. Thankies :-) That works too. I am just trying to avoid making wasted space if there was some hidden call for transporting outside.
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