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  1. Is it normal though that during cut scenes if you try to click anywhere the game crashes? It happened twice during your scenario when I thought the cut scene was done, so I clicked somewhere and the game freezes and I have to restart. I don't think it is your scripting, but rather Blades issue.
  2. I am fine without the extra story in beginning. I just needed to play a little further. Yeah I use the magic non-stop. It's not horribly hard, but enough where I lose a character every so often when it is multi-targeted. Btw , great use of the scripts.
  3. Wow, this is a hard scenario and it is far from what I was expecting. I went in imagining a standard avernum game, but once I changed my mentality on that. It is like a side story. Now I am in the heart of the mountain....frickin hard. I love hard fights so I keep getting drawn back into it. I want to finish the story, but I need to go to work. I will attempt this again later. I want to find out where I am and what this island is.
  4. lol read my last post. I thought I was playing yours, but I wasn't. So ignore the golem stuff and everything else. Today I was playing around on your scenario(the correct one). I like how you start out in the beginning with your parents and the "sensitive" cut scenes. The descriptions of the widow to the east was really nice. It painted a picture of this woman trying to be happy, but holding back a long sadness. The siblings in the very start was fun too :-) Ok, so since you are starting out in your home land. Would you be willing to add a bit more to the island? Like maybe a c
  5. Haha, I wasn't playing magic. I started a different custom one. Time to try Magic :-)
  6. Kelandon , are you still working on this scenario? If so, I just started it. I really like it a lot. I am new to this game all together, so I wanna give an outsider's perspective. I like the story line so far. The first town, I think maybe add a few worthless items to the crates and barrels in the inn, and maybe some worthless books in the library. I was very sad when I searched around and found nothing of interest. It felt kinda neglected. On the positive note; the environment, personalities and the conversations were really nice. I am too low level to beat the first golems. I th
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