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  1. For six character parties I use Jake, Rachel, Tobias, Cassie, Marco and Ax. Hey, they fit, I can find graphics to match and I don’t feel original enough to find Nephilim names or whatever. For four character parties: David, Christopher, April and Jalil. I have used another names in the past, but those are the ones that I know off by memory, so they‘d get chosen whenever I start a new game in Exile.
  2. Quote: Originally written by spy.there: BTW, the nice, antique, black and white World Builder (it's freeware now) caused four computer crashes before I gave up Mmmm, well you need a pretty old computer for that (Definitely System 6, but I think it can on some versions of System 7).
  3. I knew that a long time ago. It may be useless for some, but it's another way to gain experience in the unregistered version.
  4. I used the editor for when I have to go through annoying swamps (like BoE's first scenario... haven't played in so long I can't even remember it ) and healing when I'm in a dungeon and just can't rest because yet another monster comes and brings me down to near-death.
  5. Browsers: I use IE, and Netscape when I need it. DL Trouble: I probably got no trouble with Nethergate, because it was on a CD. However, the rest of Spidweb's games; (E1-3, A1-3, Galactic Core) I downloaded off with FTP and HTTP, and had no problem.
  6. Quote: Originally posted by Kogar Spinemasher: ... and the Michael Jackson thing is good, just keep him away from the gremlin actors. Simple: don’t hire any kids.
  7. I’m guessing because Misc is hidden for a reason, sneaking through would be considered hacking.
  8. Misc Staple


    Exile Trilogy'll be more approiate.
  9. Quote: Originally posted by YayYayHurricane: Geez.. It's not that hard, guys.. I haven't been banned! I believe this topic now deserves some GUN? Yes. Question = answered. It doesn’t need Misc.
  10. Or just ask people/look at source codes. That’s how I got my 1337 skillz.
  11. Yuo forgot yuo're from <font color=#FFFF00>Wisconsin.</font> *is bored*
  12. There was some guy named GENESIS a while back with his letters changed with a lot o’ different letters, but I don’t remember and \ or /.
  13. I thought you should contact Spidweb with the name you registered with, and they’ll give you a new code. But I looked over the docs for this information, and I couldn’t find it. Well, it’s worth a shot.
  14. I checked my last fifty posts, and there’s no sign of double posting. And no high speed internet needed.
  15. LOL. I just got that message too, a few minutes after that post. I thought you posted about that too.
  16. I usually get that 500 Internal Error message when the board started up. I’ve had a few times off and on, but it’s usually away. I just wait a while ’til the message is gone, and check up on another board.
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