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  1. On 8/12/2018 at 3:51 PM, Randomizer said:

    I can't remember after all these years whether there is a damage type like physical that Morbo takes more from than the other types.

    If it's physical, that's unfortunate, because Morbo charms you once you've hit him with a physical attack. So my priest has to cast unshackle mind + control foe + heal possible injuries. And she only has two turns with haste.

  2. I've been having trouble in Avernum 5 defeating Morbo under Muck. He seems to be impervious to everything. Using my fighters will just charm them and my mage and priest spells only make small dents. Someone suggested using control foe on Morbo's summons, but they don't seem to do any extra damage and often fight his other summons.

  3. On 10/23/2017 at 12:49 AM, Corealization said:

    Exile 1 had a different premade party than Exile 2, 3, and Blades of Exile. It had to; Thissa and Frrrr obviously couldn't be there. But all of them were a little different.


    —Alorael, who suspects he added Michael from the later iteration. John, Ariel, and Samantha were definitely the first three.

    John, Ariel, Nathan, Samantha, Allison and Erik.

  4. 1 hour ago, sylae said:



    i would hesitate to call a pixellated pineapple art, much like i would hesitate to describe a stick-figure spray painted onto a burning dumpster as art. maybe i have bad taste.

    I generally agree with your points, but I'd say it qualifies as art, since Duchamp's Fountain killed that sort of argument. But yeah, it's not art that's necessarily going to sell.

  5. Well, I doubt he'll ever release the source to the original trilogy, but he did release the source to Blades of Exile, so it would in principle be possible to remake the Exile trilogy on that engine. I'm not recommending it, mind you (in particular, permission would be needed!), but it is roughly the same engine as E3.


    (Of course, BoE also needs to be stable before you can do anything like that with it...)

    Pretty sure people have already tried remaking E3 in BoE. There's a puzzle with numbers that doesn't work in the BoE engine, and I'm sure there's other quirks. Who knows, though?

  6. Oh, I've since beaten the chitrachs, and am going onto Erika's tower. Thanks, Lilith. My party stats are pretty good, the only thing I regret is wasting a lot of tool skills on my rogue--I didn't know that you should combine that with your mage.

  7. I've finished most of Avernum 4 (still have Erika's tower, Darkside Loyalists and Rentar to deal with). My problem is getting into Khoth's tower. I've got a four character party that's around level 30 (warrior, rogue, mage and priest), but I keep getting clobbered by the chitrachs that spawn all around me. I've tried clearing them out by fighting and attack spells, but most of my party members have died by the time I get to the barriers and I have to go back to town to recharge. And when I get back there, they spawn yet again.


    I've also used summons to distract the chitrachs, but that fails too--my summons only focus on a few chitrach. I also have some wisdom crystals left--which areas should I focus on? Endurance, hardiness, defense? And what's the best technique to defeating the chitrachs?


    Thank you!

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